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New boots in Calgary

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Just signed up to this site after reading for a little while and I must say there's a wealth of info here. Great Site!!!!!
I'll be brief with a little info leading to my boot purchase. Turning 37 in July and before March of '07, hadn't skied for 18yrs, not by choice but career and the likes. Living now in Saskatoon,SK but formerly from Campbellton NB and it was at Sugarloaf ( not USA ) that I started skiing. Well, as stated, last year my wife and I went to Marmot and I was like a kid in a candy store. Incredible , couldn't stop smiling. I'm back and Lord willing will be doing alot more. Sorry for rambling. No good ski shops in S'toon and I figured if I drive to Edm, might as well go to Calgary were there probably is a greater selection due to market size. My question is : where does anyone recommend I go to pick up new boots. Money is not an issue just good quality boots. Have been researching and interested in Atomic's M line, Fisher's MX Pro and Nordica's Speedmachine. I'm 5'11", 170lbs and have a wide forefoot, high arch and narrow heels. Sorry again for rambling . Mur
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boots in Calgary

Best bet in town is Lou's Skiing Performance Centre at 4629 Bowness Road N.W. 403-288-8556.
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Lou here. Give me a call at the number Martino listed if you like or contact me at
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Sounds great, thanks Lou. What I'll do is over the next day or so, find out the specific times we're going to Calgary and I'll call a week or so ahead to try and set up a time that best suits your shop. This way I'm not catching you at your peak hours with too many people pulling you in every direction for assistance.
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