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Utah Resort Face Off

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I've done a basic search, but I haven't found a thread on this. As far as Utah resorts go, which are the "best" and why? (if there is already a thread on this, can someone post a link)

We all know about Alta and Snowbird, Park City, etc. but what about places like Snowbasin? Powder Mountain?

I'm going to Utah in a few weeks and I've skiied Alta, Snowbird, The Canyons, and Brighton. I fully plan on going back to Alta and the Bird, but what else?
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Best is subjective. Your favorite just depends on what you're looking for.
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Originally Posted by Si View Post
Not really what I'm looking for. I'm most curious about what the "other" resorts are like. The ones outside of Park City and the Cottonwood Canyons.
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IMO, Snowbasin is a must. Not to be missed.

From what I have read Powder Mountain is really great though it is best skied with a guide.

When I get back to Utah Sundance would be on my list. Scenery looks stunning.

This being said, Snowbird, IMO, has got it all.

Have you skied Solitude??

Utah doesn't dissappoint. Greatest snow on earth!!
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I agree, Snowbasin is a must. You can usually get more vertical there in a day than at any other Utah resort. The three high speed lifts are all about 2400' vertical and, if you go during the week you will have the place practically to yourself. First time Basin skiers will do better on a good visibility day because most of the Strawberry area is wide open and can really be a challenge on flat light days. The John Paul lift services the steepest terrain and you can do a short hike up into the No Name area off the Mt. Allen tram for even more challenge. On days when the off trail is set up, the groomed 2002 Olympic Downhill runs offer some of the best high speed cruising to be found.

Powder Mountain is also a great place but I would recommend it only on powder days as there is less vertical and only one high speed lift. This year both Powder Mountain and Snowbasin have been hit hard with several storms where the snowfall was equal to or even greater than the Cottonwood canyon resorts that usually get more snow. This is definitely the year to try the northern resorts.
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Originally Posted by hep4186 View Post
I agree, Snowbasin is a must. You can usually get more vertical there in a day than at any other Utah resort...
Technically not correct, as you can do that at pretty much any Utah resort with a high speed lift and rope speed of 1000 ft/min. In fact, the extra time needed to take off and put on your skis with the gondola would reduce your total vertical in a day.
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I've skied both PM and Snowbasin many times. Snowbasin is very impressive and with the top to bottom gondolas, it is a great place when the weather is cold or snowing and you certainly can get in a lot of vertical. PM is one of our favorites as it has great blues for cruising and also some steeper stuff off the beaten path. They will pick you up with an old school bus instead of a lift in what they call powder country. I would not recommend skiing powder county alone. Also have a snowcat or snowmobile to take you up to lightning ridge.
The tough part obout PM is the 6 mile drive up to the base and worse, back down. I don't go there when I think the roads will be too bad.
Lots of good choices.
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Sundance is best for kids, hands down. Not bad for big kids either.
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