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Mammoth 1/12-1/19

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Thought you all might enjoy some shots of Mammoth last week. I apologize for the poor photo quality. The days were bluebird until Saturday when it started to cloud up a bit. Temps from mid 20's F to mid 40's. I skied about everything across the top of the mountain from Daves over to Hemlock Bowl. Dragons Back area would have required hiking over large rocks and the coverage looked poor. Winds were 60+ mph over the top lip of the mountain intermittently. Skiing Daves required the face mask be pulled up on Sat. Snow coverage across the top lip was not great. Other than the top lip coverage was good. Snow quality overall was hard windpack. I gather from reading the Mammoth chat room posts, it rained right before we arrived. I enjoyed skiing the steeps here even if the snow was fairly hard. There were some areas of a couple inches of soft snow to be found. The areas softened up while in the sunlight and hardened again in the shade.

I finally met a Bear-Maggot, or is Maggot-Bear? Gave Mr. Shoelaces a shout out and rode the lift up with him. He was in a freeride contest, so I didn't get to ski with him. We skied some of the areas that weren't roped off after the contest. Although Mr. Shoelaces comes across as a nice clean-cut guy, he needs a check up from the neck up.

The Mammoth crushing my head.

Skidding a groomer

Emitting noxious gases.

Me coming off Cornice. Where is Photog Bushwacker when you need him?

This is me coming down a double black. Well anyway, this is what the snow looked like.
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Without this pic ...

the TR would be lackluster

Nice to see the Woolly!
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OK a couple more. Since there is little danger of this TR being any more boring.

Isn't it amazing how short those skis are?

Disembodied skis

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