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How's your resort staff?

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I don't know about where you ski, but the staff at my resort is downright ugly. They yell at you from the slopes while you're on the lifts, the instructors are rude and act like you're either 5 and just starting or 23 and in the olympics, and I just generally don't like them. I'm thinking of taking a trip this winter sometime, so I thought I'd get some of your opinions on your home mountians.
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I think it varies a lot, at the start of the season all the new lifties are enthusiastic and eager but a month or two into the season they just couldn't care less. Patrollers vary a lot but I've found the bigger the ski area the grumpier they are. At small ski areas they can be cool but they are agressive speed police at the resorts.
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I would have to say average where I ski the most. In general I have found the patrollers to be great people and have never had an issue with one. The lifties can be a pain a lot of the time, but are generally younger and come with an attitude. I haven't had really any experience with the instructors in a dozen years, but my girlfriend took some lessons a year ago and was a little disappointed in hers. The service staff I could take or leave, some are courteous, some not.
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The two mountains where I ski most Loon and Waterville in NH tend to import a lot of young South African College aged kids that are unfailingly polite. Most of the locals who work there are also cool but a few wouldn't give you a drink out of a garden hose if you were dying of thirst.

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I've found the staff at Loon to be exceptional...that's one of the main reasons we ski there.

It certainly isn't the solitude.
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I love the lifties at my home resort, Beaver Mountain (tiny unheard of Utah mountain.) One guy has been working there for years and is really goofy and weirdly funny. Once they know you well you can get in mini snowfights (the fun kind) with them as you are boarding the lift. There are a few hot college guys there that i like to hit on. Often on slow days the lifties will toss a football around. In the kitchen it is mainly younger kids, most of them really nice. The ticket sales is mainly the owners, old folks, for the most part nice. I haven't ever had any experiences with the instructors, but I have a good friend who is instructing this year, great guy so if you are ever at Beaver Mountain and taking lessons request Cannon. I really love my little resort, its home.
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I work for a large privately owned ski resort in Aspen...there aren't too many so it can be narrowed down. My opinion is not biased when I say that the staff here is very friendly....we love our valley, mountains and terrain choices. Most people live here so that they can have a great winter and ski hard.
The lift operators especially are very pleasant and incourage the skier to have a great time. I have never been offended or put off by anyone on the mountain. I don't ski around looking like a local or a resort employee so people working the mountain might assume I'm from Texas, and still they're helpful and friendly.
I would hate to think that someone would be treated harshly while on vacation or sliding on their home mountain but I guess it happens.....too bad

Ski hard and have fun,
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where I ski, things get pretty ugly towards the end of the season. I remember one liftie in particular that used to set up his boom box and blast metalica (good music) and accused my freind and I of being from the BFE and from Ethiopia and then left his post and chased us down the mountain whne we threw snow on him after he used his line-clearing-sno-shovel to throw about two cubic feet of snow on us. We tripped him when he stepped on our skis as he chased us which probably stung his skin since he was working the lifts in a t-shirt when I was wearing an extra pair of long johns. I dont think drug tets were mandatory on that mountain......
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