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Fischer RX6 vs Head i.M 75 Chip

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noticed a number of posts about whether or not this was a good ski and if it was, why so few people skied it. for perspective, i'm somewhere between advanced and expert, ski a mix of blacks and blues (pun intended mostly in VT but occasionally out west, and a month ago got what seemed to be a great deal on the head monster i.m 75 chip - top of the line intelligence system, most versatile, blah blah. as we all know, skis works with skiers and vice versa - technique (no brag, but i'm a good carver and know how to use the edges), style, attitude, experience and physiology - plus others i've probably left out. bottom line: i HATED the heads. the deadest, heaviest, stiffest (in a bad way) most unresponsive skis i've been on and by far the most work. re weight: as good carvers know, the old issue of swing weight no longer matters at all, but as an older (ouch) guy with knees that have been injured repeatedly, dead weight very much does. if your day includes any skating, any lifting - whether bumps or dead bodies in your weigh, any chair lifts that lack support bars, a heavy ski will have your knees screamin' at you. bottom bottom line: after even more research than lead to the heads, on line and face to face, a pro recommended the oft-ignored and sometimes maligned RX6. i have now skied it in everything from pow to crud to ice to bumps and it is a BLAST. takes anything, gives back, responds instantly, very forgiving, totally fun, you can push it as hard as you want (short of high speed vertical craziness) but you can also relax on it and it will never bite. best, most versatile ski i've been on. better yet, "thanks" to fischer's lousy marketing, the ski starts out hundreds less than anything comparable plus get this: i got them at a season end blowout sale with an added "preferred customer" discount on my local shop and paid a whopping $200 for them! less than eBay and ONE-FOURTH the cost of the heads. try em - if you're half as happy as i am you'll love them and with the money you save, we'll hell, you can ski more often! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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oops - apologies for the typos and dead bodies in your "way" vs. "weigh"
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Patty and I just returned from our morning skiing at our local hill. It is just wunnaful to be living 7 minutes away from nirvana. This was day 57 on the slopes. I know, I have been slacking off, but next year.....

Patty returned from Telluride, two weeks ago, where she had one of those weeks we all dream of. Powder, powder everywhere...massive dumps daily...and she skied it all on Atomic SL9's at 150cm. Trees, off piste, groomers-not as the snow fell faster than the Piston Bully's could churn.

While she was away, I obtained a pair of Head im Chip 75 Monsters at 155cm for her. I thought she could use another ski in her quiver for those special days. She was not happy with the 177cm ti CHUBBS I packed for her. Once short, forever spoiled!

Patty has bad knees also. She is also a desk jockey and does not get all the exercise she should to be able to ski the way she does.

Today was day 1 on the im 75 Chips.

I think you would be able to see her smile all the way from Granite Peak!

From the first run to the last, twin rails left their mark all over the hill.

There was nothing she left untouched, and the boilerplate that left many leaving early was slice and dice time for the Heads!

Those boards carve!

Now, here we have a "slightly overweight" (I am going to get into trouble here...*GULP*) woman who sits behind a desk for about 12 hours a day...with bad knees....andddddddddddddddddddddd....

I read her your post....

Her reply: "Yes, they are heavier than my SL9's....BUT...I LUV THEM!!!!!!!!! NO PAIN....No PROBLEM!!

Maybe there is another issue here...

Another problem I have encountered is people detuning shaped skis at the tip and tail.


Shapes should be razor sharp from tip to tail.

An out of tune shape is worse that a "skinny ski"!

But, then, if we all agreed on the type and style of ski, there would only be one brand, one ski, and then...what would we do......
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We are very glad to hear that those Monsters made Patty so happy.

Ewa has been skiing her Bandit XXs and is satisfied that these are a better match for her - they are lighter and softer.

As for "Day 57"... we just don't need to hear trash-talkin' like that! :

Best. Bb & E
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hahahhaaaaaaaaa.....Bb & E !!

Yup, I do believe the Heads have replaced the Atomics as Patty's 1st choice ski.

Where this woman gets the technique to be able to pass me up and leave me in her vortex, I will never know...

I told her I was going to dial my boot sole length into the binding adjustment and ski her boards tomorrow just to see what she is experiencing.

The glare was enough to melt most the remaining snow off the roof of the house.

She is now very protective of those skis. I will have to find some others to demo *LOL*

The ski techs never get any respect!

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having bought a pair of the RX6tis at 170, I am certainly enjoying them, but would not say they are an easy ski, they are particularly unforgiving if you get backseated, but it just maybe I'm used to longer skis, xscreams 187, which are setup much further back than the Fischers. It does occur to me they are underrated by their own promoters and people expecting a forgiving early intermediate ride have found them too difficult, hence their apparent unpopularity? They are rated by some pretty useful skiers.
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Sorry to hear that you don’t like the Heads.
In fairness to the Heads, you should compare apples to apples though. You are now comparing a ski (the RX6) to something that would be more like a Volkl t50 5 star or an Elan S 12 Fusion.

A good comparison would be with the K2 XP, Volkl 7 24 Pro, Dynastar Intuitive 74 or the Fischer Mantis 662.

I think the Heads are great skis and there is no question that they are damp. I use these for my very high-speed GS ski. These skis are so stable that they often feel sluggish. They have incredible edge hold. Even better than my 5 stars or my SL 9s. They bust through crud with ease. I have not used them in powder though so I don’t know how they would float as I do agree, they are somewhat heavy. I also concur with Oboe, that they are not too fast edge to edge but that’s what you get for a 74mm waist. That’s why I have SL 9’s and 5 stars.
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