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Elan Mo2 rail twintips

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I was wondering if anyone has these? I do and i love them.
I was thinking about having my skis center mounted. Does anyone know how these skis work when center mounted??? like.. are they sloppy for skiing?

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Originally Posted by tom borsari View Post
like.. are they sloppy for skiing?
The tails become very long, nicer for long swooping turns, but hateful in moguls. If you ski with your legs somewhat together and also abduct a little bit, there is the possibility to cross the tails. What little float these skis had goes away entirely.

Soft snow, high speed
Hard snow, many turns
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I consider myself as somewhat of an advanced skier. i don't ski with my skis together. i ski with them apart a little. but, if i center them, will it make it alot harder to ski with? will it help me ski better backwards? and can you get used to the extra leanght in the back, or is it really awkward?
I use my skis ALOT for freestyle terms too. does it make it alot easier to spin? and does it make it easier for rails too?

btw, what do you mean when you say that my skis have little float? jw.
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- Okeydoke, esp if "a little" is more than 6 inches.

- I guess you can get used to it, I spent ~15 days on them this way before going back to the stock mount.

- Not going to improve things going backwards, again imho.

- center of boot to center of middle rail not center of ski is best for all freestyle stuff, again imho.

- What I mean by little float is that the ski is narrow enough and stiff enough to dive into big piles of powder. It also puts enough weight on the front of the ski to really bog down in soft snow, e.g. late season Colorado in the afternoon. Putting the binding forward makes it dive more and float less. Of course, skier weight is a big factor here but one has to wonder how well those freestyle moves are going to go if a 120lb skier is skiing one of these in 175cm or 185cm
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By the way, welcome to Epicski.

I apologise if the above looks to be highly critical; I was a great fan of this ski when it was released, even Ms. C. remembers it as the first ski she liked.
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haha thanks.
i hope im not overly noobish here.

btw, thanks for the help

i think im gonna go ahead and center mount them. (i mean, i can always switch them back... right)
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I had a pair of M02.2's, which are a wider version of your skis. I used them for a trip out west, and sold them last night. Had I NOT found such a great deal on Dawg's sale, you can bet they'd still be here. I found them to be a great all-mt. ski, and were more than capable of rocking big GS turns, as well as cutting loose in the trees with short rippers. They were soft as all twins tend to be, but they didn't leave me feeling unstable in any way. I had mine mounted at the "ride" line, which was the farthest back.

The only reason I moved them -- I have 4 sets of twin with 84, 88, 91, & 98 waists. I kept the 84's & 98's as they can do the job for me, and I don't really *NEED* the others. They were just frosting on the cake. I needed some "ice skis", and while these were okay on hard MN snow, I needed something that would REALLY hold an edge.

You'll like those skis. I may get some again some time.
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Originally Posted by tom borsari View Post
i think im gonna go ahead and center mount them. (i mean, i can always switch them back... right)
I used stainless steel set screws and glue instead of generic plugs in the old holes. Worked great. If you already have a good allen wrench set it's almost the same cost.
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