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Lower leg pain

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Damn it's soo frustrating. It seems I can only ski about one day in 9-10 days, otherwise, my lower legs, from my shins to mostly the outer back of my calves kill me. I am 50, good shape, 175lbs, skinny ski lower legs and high calves, now in older x-wave 9's, cork footbed, intuition liners, helped by Jim Mates in Seattle ... and STILL, all this year and much of last year my lower legs get sore, almost like bruised muscles. I do ski hard, off piste, fast, and will tackle most anything. Last week I rented 178 Mantra's, had one of the best days ever, skied great - went up again six days later and had to leave because of pain. I guess it has to be the boots? Nothing else left except a physical therapist meeting ... just to see what is the deal. Anyone ever experience this? Any suggestions? Maybe it;s my damn boots? Any boot suggestions? My foot has been described as med width - maybe d, lower volume, med - high arch, flat heel area - does not protrude, skiiny lower legs, high calf ... lange's, falcons, dalbello's? ... thanks.
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if you ski slower, easier, shorter days do you still get the pain?

Do you get the pain in rental boots?

take or talk to an instructor (technique?)
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Thanks for responding - I'm really not certain where to go with this. Generally I like to ski the steeper and deeper off-piste stuff I can ski I guess. I don't care much for groomers, nor do I ski easier or shorter ... and fortunately, I don't have to very often. But once my legs are sore though, they are sore for awhile, primarily the muscle area 6" - 8" directly above my ankle ... that outside of my leg area. I tighten the heck out of my boots, with a booster strap beneath the shell - but while I'm skiing my boots seem to fit ok. It could be technique, but jesus, even though there are times I may be in the back seat, I ski almost as well as most I see on the mtn. I tell people I know that I need a lesson, they laugh, I say this to you just for a perspective.
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Does the top of the boot contact your leg well or is there space for you to move excessively fore and aft? Since you have thin lower legs and high calfs, coupled with an generously spaced "Intuition" liner, I'm wondering if there is enough contact @ the top of the boot. Also in question would be the muscle groups (in the sore areas) trying to balance the leg in a boot that has too much upper leg room coupled with poor fore/aft stability. (tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, gastrocnemius (lateral head), soleus, peroneus brevis and possibly muscles that flex the toes (flexor hallucis/digitorum longus and peroneus longus-also aids in first metatarsal plantarflexion) . Also there is a possibility of a "compartment syndrome". Lets get some others to chime in...maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree?!

Lastly, fore/aft balance issues could be a contributing factor of muscle overuse.
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I tighten the boot as tight as I can. Have a larger booster strap, I reef on it, it is tight, but as I am skiing, I guess I'm not certain if there is excess space. I didn't mention, I also use a "insta print" foam-type pad on my shin area to protect it from pain. I cannot speak to fore/aft stability or other muscle groups. At this point, sheesh, new boot, see a specialist famililiar with skiers, boots, and this type of siituation, I'm all ears. ?????????
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Maybe your "backseat" positioning is the major contributer to the overuse. Without seeing you ski in this situation, I would recommend someone that can have eyes on you when you ski for a technique analysis. If you're trying to play "catch-up" with your skis often enough, you'll overuse certain muscle groups.
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ok, it just does not seem to be the reason to me but I appreciate the advice and to demonstate respect for that advice as well as being eager to get to the bottom of this, I will soon schedule a private lesson with a recommended person for a technique analysis of my skiing. Thank you cantman.
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i think one like this is near impossible to resolve on line, i am not sure if he is in a position to see clients as he is very busy with teaching and development but as you are based in bellingham it may be worth trying to contact Jeff Gray at Superfeet and see if he can take a look, he is a pedorthist and ski boot fitter, but as i said i am not sure if he is able to see clients and i know he is all over the place

good luck
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I appreciate your follow up CEM, thank you. I know Jeff quite well, and he is a friend through this boot process. He is a great guy, and yes, a traveling busy man. In fact, if it works out we have made a "tentative" future date to ski together. He made my cork footbeds, and even purchased the insta-print shin protector too. My dilemmna is to ascertain whether this is a ski technique problem or boot problem. Therefore, I made plans on taking my first ski lesson ever from a highly referred level 3 instructor this coming Tuesday, and depending on that meeting I will contact Jeff again. As mentioned, I do appreciate you following through with me, thanks! I'm trying? It is soooo frustrating. ed
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