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I sure appreciate your diligence with all your postings.  It has comforted me (and scared me and even brought out a few chuckles).  I broke the greater tuberosity of the humerus bicycle riding the Virginia Creeper Trail May 30.  It's a wonderful, easy bike ride.  Children to senior citizens enjoy it.  We drove to Damascus, VA and spent the night at a wonderful B&B (Augusta's Appalachian Inn).  That night we had a great dinner at a family style restaurant and the owner advised us that if you get back too soon you have not spent enough time enjoying the sights and scenery. The next morning we rented bikes andthey took us to White Point.  From there, it's a nice, gradual downhill ride - about 17 miles - back to Damascus. About 4 miles into the ride, I was so enjoying the ride and sights that I got a little too close to a bridge railing.  The railing reached out and grabbed my handlebar (the straight kind) and that whipped my tire over to the railings which bit my tire.  That made the bike buck like a bronco.  These bikes are not quite like boys' bikes, but not like girls' bikes, either.  The bar was high enough that I could not get off without a lot of effort.  Well, on a bucking bike that's not possible.  BAM!  Not only did I break my "shoulder" but also cracked a rib and pubic bone (on the other side of my body, of course).  My husband tells me that he was so close behind me that when I fell he ran into me!  I would have never known... maybe he shouldn't have told me.

That was 26 days ago.  After about 2 weeks in the sling my shoulder was screaming to get out and the doc said that would be fine, that it was for my comfort and protection.  Well, it wasn't comfortable and I wasn't going anywhere to get bumped around.  In fact, I still wouldn't go anyplace that boisterous.  I've barely driven, although I did take my 68 Bug out yesterday evening.  My husband had to go with me to shift into 2nd when I'd turn a corner from a stop and to help turn the wheel in tight spots.  I can use my left hand to stabilze the wheel, but not to turn it.  I can pick up light objects.  I can pet the dog if she'll stay close enough to me. 

But the sleep!  2 hrs at a time.  This is exhausting.  I went off pain meds probably before I should have, but then I finished them up for night time use.  But still, the nights are so awful.  It helped me to see that I am not alone.  I'm looking forward to pt in the next week or so (well, sort of!) but, being summer, with all kinds of plans that have already been squashed, I'll be in town a week, then out of town a week, then in town two weeks, then out of town two weeks, then in town for a week. Then work starts back up. ugh. That will be a challenge! 

Many say, "gee, it's aren't you glad you have the summer to recuperate?"  I say, I'd rather miss work to recuperate and enjoy my summer off!  Even with the travels that were already planned, it's not going to be nearly the fun it should be, sitting in the heat, watching while others do a zip line or swim or kayak...

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The Polar Care 300 was loaned to me on the 2nd day.  I thought after about 10 days I didn't need it any more and was about to return it.  My massage therapist encouraged me to keep it for use after physical therapy.  I haven't had pt yet, but I still have some pretty painful periods (it'll be 4 weeks post-accident Saturday) and it is just about a lifesaver.  It's better than sliced bread.  With the shoulder pad on, I feel little if any pain.  I would sleep with it all night, but after a while the "put-chew" every 30 seconds wears on me. 
Really, if you're trying ice bags, find one of these ANYWHERE -- even if the doctor pooh-poohs it like mine did.
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You really want cold therapy?

find yourself a game ready.


I have one from my Femur break. I still use it from time to time for my knee when it gets swollen.

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Woo... hope your insurance paid for that baby.  I'll bet it is REALLY good.  The Polar Care is only about $150 on ebay.  Of course, borrowed is the best price.  :)
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Day after tomorrow will be 6 weeks since "the accident."  Yesterday and today have been awful.  Maybe because I paddled around on a float in the canal at the beach Tuesday.  But the doctor said to get in some water and move my arm around, so I did!  But, oh, I'm paying for it.  Good thing the weather's been cool the last two days so I haven't missed getting in the water.  Dang, this arm hurts.  Maybe the cool, damp weather makes it worse.  If so, it'll be much better in the next few days!
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I had the same break after falling from a chairlift getting on some years back. I found the physio exercises quite painfull so got a thermal

heat pack that is used for the legs of horses and after imersing it in hot water I would rap it around my arm (entire length) then exercise.

It is quite messy dripping water but the pain killing effect made it worth it.

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I don't know how I missed this thread in 2008, back when my broken Greater Tuberosity had just healed from bouncing stupidity at Copper. I must have tuned it out. But now that it's been resurrected, I'll join in. 


Do what your PT tells you. I got almost full range of motion back only because I followed orders. At this point I think my left shoulder, the broken and dislocated tuberosity, is stronger than the right, uninjured one. Three years post PT I regularly can sleep on that side, roll over on it, and not have excessive pain. 


Some weakness on direct vertical loadbearing above the horizontal - I can't easily lift heavy items above shoulder height on that side, but otherwise the arm is good. A bit of "snap crackle pop" sound effects, but that matches the clicking left ankle from a decade's early running stupidity. 

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