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Targhee early March

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Hey all,
Myself and four buddies are making the journey to Targhee in early March, and I was wondering if anybody could give me any tips. One of us has been to Targhee a few times the rest of us are virgins. We have tentative plans to rent a cabin near Driggs.
What will the weather be like this time of year?
What are some good places to eat/drink in the area?
Are there smoke shacks on Targhee?
What local beers should we try?
Any other information would be greatly appreciated.
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Smoke shacks? are we talking Hippy Lettuce?
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Doober, do the search thing and that might answer most of your questions.

Weather - below 32 F (If I knew the answer, I'd be skiing 12-16" of powder everyday somewhere in the world.)

Eating/drinking is best done at the Trap or at the Royal Wolf in Driggs.

No smoke shacks that I'm aware of on Targhee. All buildings at the resort are non-smoking.

Beers to try - anything from Charlie Otto and Teton Brewing. Snake River Brewing in J-Hole is also a good call. If you want to look like a local, drink 24 oz. cans of PBR.

Do the search thing, look at Targhee's website, then narrow down your questions and try again. I'm not trying to flame, just suggesting you do some searching here first. It will help greatly in getting responses.

Also, if you are renting a cabin, the rental agency should have a fact sheet that they can send you.

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