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Improvements over the summer -- thanks EpicSki !!!

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Well, I got my first turns of this season last Friday, and it felt **GREAT**. In fact, within a couple of runs, it felt so good that I'm convinced that I skied better on this first day of a season than I did 8 months ago when I last skied and had a full season under my belt.

This has never before happened to me. Sure, some equipment tweaking that I did over the summer probably helped, but I'm convinced that by far, the major part of my improvement was due to discussions on EpicSki that have led me to:

a) A much deeper appreciation and understanding of the incredible importance of "intent" and strategy in skiing;

b) A much better understanding of the mechanics and biomechanics of turns; and,

c) Repeated visualization of the right things to do;

It may sound odd to claim that one can learn to ski better by reading and talking about it on an Internet discussion forum, but in my case, I know its absolutely true, and I wonder how many other people on Epic feel that they have benefited this much.

I have always had a reasonable knowledge of skiing, but I feel that I have learned more in the last couple of years here on Epic than in all my previous 30 years in the sport. One result of what I have learned on Epic was that at one point, much to my amazement/amusement, two instructors (from different local hills) were simultaneously trying to recruit me for their SS's, even though its late in the hiring cycle and I have never considered myself all that good of a skier.

While many people contributed to the technical discussions on Epic over the years, the efforts of Bob Barnes have always been the most influential and beneficial to me, and I feel the strong need to thank him publicly. As far as I am concerned, his ability to clearly communicate his deep understanding of the sport is unsurpassed, and the huge amounts of time he freely donates to to help all of us duffers is nothing short of remarkable. Bob, whether you realize it or not, your work has been a positive influence on a lot of people's lives. Thank you, Bob!

[/babbling off]
[/self-embarrassing brown nosing off]

Anyway, what an absolutely great start to the season! (at least here in the East)

Tom / PM

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I must say that I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!

I was much better the first day of this year than the last of last year and I could feel all the things I was doing better as a result of what I've read here and in Lito's books. Without this forum, I dont think I would have improved in both mental adn physical abilities so I thank everyone who has ever answered a question for me or any other skier in need! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Most Sincerely
Karsten Hain
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That's awesome you've improved so much!

Well, I know i'm a good chunk stronger, because I can push a lot more weight around, but I haven't gotten out yet. I also wont know as much, cause I got new skis/boots.

I'll report back after I get skiing.
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Tom, that's fantastic! I can say for certain that the bears helped my skiing also, but that was only during my second time. If you can still say it after 30years, then WOW! Being a beginner, that really brings home to me the depth of learning material available here.
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Hey Tom - How was Whitetail?

I'm assuming that's where you went...
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what an inspiring thing to read first thing in the morning! thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glad to hear you had an awesome first day! It's starting to dump here in the PNW so I should get in some more days sooN! Did you ski the Atomics? If so how'd they treat you?
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Jake - Good to hear from you! I hope life/school is treating you well out in the NW. I'm glad you guys are starting to finally see some snow.

With respect to your question about what skis I used, I threw a bunch in the ski box. I started out the day on my old familiar 173 Enemies, but then switched over to your old 170-9.16's as the temps dropped in the late afternoon and the snow got firm. They were absolutely awesome & I had an utter hoot on them. Much to my surprise, even going at a walking speed on the bunny and novice slope for my daughter's novice friend, they worked well. I really can appreciate why a lot of instructors like short slaloms for teaching. They carve so beautifully and are so stable, they were one of the things that made the day stand out in my mind! Thanks for the care you gave them and the tune you put on them. Finally, just for yucks, when the trails were just about completely empty, I took my last runs of the day on my 198 Stockli StormRiders and let 'em rip. It felt very good. Anyway, please say hello to your dad and brother.

Gill & Skidmo - With respect to a quickie trip report, yup, it was Whitetail. We started about 2 in the afternoon & skied till about 8 in the evening. During the day, the air temps were in the high 20's and the snow was stunningly good. I think that the explanation for this highly unusual state of affairs is that they had been making snow continuously and the temps never had risen above freezing, so what they laid down never had a chance to consolodate into the rock hard base that we usually have around here. The freezing rain we are supposed to get later tonight should fix that right up.

By 8 PM, the air temp had dropped to about 17 F, and the snow was much harder -- Still quite good, but crusty with little chunks of ice where they weren't making snow. The black pod wasn't open, and they were making snow like crazy over on the blue pod. They were giving the beginners a break, and weren't going to make snow on the greens until after the area closed for the night. There were no lift lines at any point during our time there. Basically, if you didn't have to ski through the snow guns and the blacks were open it would have been a completely perfect day. I'll still rate the conditions a "9" given that its still only early Dec.

OTOH, to even out the distribution of karma in the universe, there were a couple of negative things that happened that day. First, we had to spend > 2 hours over at Liberty just to pick up our season passes (for which we had already paid, had already completed the application forms, and they already had our ID pix on file from last year). The second problem involved a 10 y.o. friend of my daughter who came along and had to rent equipment. I escorted her through the rental process, but didn't actually eyeball her DIN settings myself until we were out on the snow and noticed that they were set to double what they should have been (ie, 4 instead of 2). This is equivalent to an adult being accidentally set at 16 instead of 8. Fortunately, I noticed this before she ever got on the skis.

Tim_miT - Yup, I will stand by my comment about Epic allowing me to continue to learn after 30 years (and 1 season of teaching about 20 yrs ago). As you said, the depth of information available here is mind-boggling, and IMHO, not available in any form other than year after year of private coaching by instructors who are the best in the land. The info here is like an onion, in that you don't even realize that there are deeper layers until you go through the layer that you are at, and keep experiencing this repeatedly with respect to instruction, pedagogy, equipment, philosophy, biomechanics, safety, ski history, and even the occasional foray into mechanics and dynamics. There are so many "courses" available for study here, maybe its name really should be "The EpicSki College of Skiing".

Thanks again, EVERYBODY!

Tom / PM
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I also agree, I don't post alot but do plenty of "lurking" My skiing has definitely improved just from reading here! So to everyone out there, keep up the good work.

Thanks to all
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