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Steamboat Discounts?

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I need 8 Steamboat tickets. I am going to be there in Feb to celebrate my 50th. Are there any good deals? I hear that they don't do much discounting. I have seen the coupons on Ebay but thought I would seek the wisdom of Epicski. Thanks, Steel
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I was just there and they don't do much about discounting apart from multi-day tickets. I suppose that's one of the "benefits" of being by yourself geographically. That said, the conditions were fantrastic.

I have one leftover 1 day AMEX voucher for a ticket (valid all days except Feb 16-18), that I'll sell for $50 (normal rate is $85). PM me iif you're interested.
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just buy the multi-day package. There really aren't any deals to be had unless you know someone up there with a gold medalion pass.
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