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Hey whats up everyone! I've got a quick question... Has anyone ever tried a splitboard? I don't know how to snowboard, but when I go to Snowshoe all the slopes are way too easy and I thought it would be kinda fun to learn (I am definitely, without a doubt sticking with skiing, just something to have a little fun with.) Anyways, when I go out west with my dad a couple of times a year (I actually got him started skiing) he can ski single blacks and some easy doubles, but I always have to wait awhile for him at the bottom, and I will sometimes need more of a challenge and leave him for awhile. Anyways, if I took up snowboarding some, I could stay with him and my friends, which I thought would be kinda fun. However, I love skiing immensely, so most of the time I would want to ski. So...the splitboard seems like a great idea! What are they like? Thanks in advance.
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Splitboards are not designed to be skied downhill. That's not a good idea. Most people who snowboard and ski use two completely different sets of equipment. While it is possible to use the same pair of boots to do both sports, you do not want to use the same ski(s) for both sports.
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Split boards are designed for back country use. It's much easier to split the board in half and put on climbing skins to hike uphill the way the telemark skiers do. Walking uphill in snowboard boots in deep snow is bad news. Many backcountry riders will use snowshoes to hike up. Splitboards lighten the load going up as well as down.

Many advanced skiers try riding in order to handicap themselves when hanging out with lower level skiers or riders (e.g. their kids).
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