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Tip/tail ratio

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What does a large or small tip/tail ratio do for a ski?

Eg. Elan SLX race: 114/104 and Volkl Racetiger SL: 115/99

2 skis meant to do the same thing but the Elan has a much fatter tail. Why?
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(Note: I have not skied these skis, this is how I'd expect the skis perform based on the tail dimensions.)

The Volkl will be easier to release from a turn, and probably better in bumps, since the tail is narrower.

The Elan will prefer to continue a carved turn, and require a stronger movement to disengage. Bumps can cause it to be engaged longer than you prefer, due to the wider tail.
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Thanks, that makes things clearer and also ties up practically with my experience with different skis.
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