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Footbed width problems

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I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem, but apart from getting boots wide enough for my flippers, I've always had trouble getting a foot bed that my foot does not overhang on the sides. My foot is 240 mm long and 117 mm wide.: Even the largest sizes of footbed are barely wide enough but this then throws up the problem of enough material in the right places for arch support. I have had some good results with boot punching and foam inners for the foot width in the past but the foot beds are more hit and miss. I always seem to be concious of the edges. Any suggestions?
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if the tech feathers the edge of the footbed correctly then it should be possible for your foot to overhang it and not feel the edge, alternatively having something made out of sheet material or having a footbed balnk modified should resolve the problem
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Thanks CEM. I have had this done in the past but my main train of thought here is this - I would imagine that to support the foot optimally the footbed should mirror the whole foot. If I can't find one wide enough am I missing out significantly?
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the support from an orthotic or footbed comes from the way that the materials support the sketeton of the foot, often when the make a corrective orthoitc they cut the device to finish under the midline of the metatarsal shafts 1 and 5 this means the foot will overhange the product by a long way.

i am guessing that it is the forefoot where you get the problem, IMO i think as long as the footbed is feathered correctly then it should not cause any problem, but as i said it needs to be softened off so that you do not feel the edge

if you look at the shoes you arer wearing then you will probably see that you foot is hanging over the sole
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Old School SL...

If the footbed/orthotic were to be made to have the whole bottom (plantar) surface of your foot covered, the footbed/orthotic would not fit properly into the liner/shell. The end result would cup the footbed/orthotic and possibly misalign the foot by not sitting flat inside the shell. I agree with the general concensus that feathering the footbed/orthotic @ the trim line would lessen/eliminate the "shelf" feeling.
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Thanks for the input guys - that's cleared up some lingering questions. And yes, my feet do overhang the edges of my shoes.
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