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What skis do you instruct on?

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Hey guys -

Just wondering what everyone instructs on? I'm assuming the majority of the answers will be 65mm~ waisted carvers - wondering since I'm planning on trying to take on instructing as a career path for at least the next few winters, but currently my quiver starts at 90mm waist (line prophet 90s).

Is buying something thinner and more carver-ish going to be a necessity to progress to CSIA 2 and onwards?

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I teach on what I'm skiing on that day.

Since I'm a K2 fan, that either means a Recon if the snow is soft or a Crossfire if not.

I have colleagues who teach on really wide twintips because that's what they ski on all the time.

I can't see any reason to switch from your standard ski gear except in the case where you're teaching little kids and maybe need a really short ski or are doing an exercise on blades.
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I use a ski with a 65mm waist.

That being said, I recall that Rob Butler (CSIA 4) used an 82 mm waist when teaching - Salomon Xhot.
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I like to teach on my 05-06 volkl karmas . They are easy to demo on , you can ride switch to observe and they have a super dorable top sheet that people can ride all over and not scratch. Unfortunatly they only used that top sheet that year and have discontinued the Karma alltogether . I think the Bridge is the replacement. I dont think a narrow waist ski is really the way to go , you'll spend lots of time side slipping and moving in unconventional ways managing your classes unless its upper level lessons , which you'll be unlikely to pull as a newer coach.
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178 Volkl Racetiger RC.
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SL's .... 156 or 163, since beginners are usually skiing on the short side there was less of an identity gap.

When I started teaching it was often on GS .... but they also tended to get run over more often too.
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165cm SL skis but some ski schools provide me with the gear so I ski with whatever they give me. Usually something like Head supershapes. Check out were you are going to teach and see if they have endorsment deals. I need to be on Heads in one school and on Blizzards in annother.
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179 Public Enemy almost all the time

and for hard charging black level lessons in deep soft snow I will actually use my 189 Seths mainly because most of the students will be on something similar as well. and in some case 'teaching' involve cutting the tram line and try to keep with your clients.

for the original poster you should be fine teaching on what you got but relize for you exams those probably arent the best skis.
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kids and beginners - 120 cm development skis
everything else I use either a 170 B1 bandit 70mm waist or 176 Fisher watea 84 depending on the conditions of the day.

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172 contact limited best teaching ski ever ----70-something under foot.....too narrow is too hard to skid and for most students skidding is the most important thing you could give them, at least around here.
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174cm K2 RECONS teaching at Vail.
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Usually my Afterburners (84mm). I'll break out the Mach 3 Powers for fast/hard days.
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Nordica Top Fuel 178 (78mm). I would probably ski something shorter and narrower if I taught somewhere else, or a lot of lower levels.
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Alpine: 184 Stockli Stormrider Fry 70mm waist.
Tele: 176 Karhu Kodiak 80mm waist.
First timers/Privates under 3' tall: 120-140 Head big easy out of the rental shop

When I bought the Karhus they were a mid fat, now they're just old and getting tired.
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Rossignol b-squads for the majority of my lessons.
something softer and shapelier if I have to teach someone how to carve.
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Volkl TigerShark 10 ft on hardpack, Blizzard IQon 8400 on softer snow conditions.
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179 PE's 100% of the time. It's what I ski everyday, so it's what I teach on also. With little kids you need twin twips to ski switch all day.
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Line prophet 80 174= 80 under foot
soft snow i use my movement kamasutras 169 = 88 under foot
super soft/6 " new snow i may use my k2 phat luvs 167 = 98 under foot
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Whatever is on my feet.

Usually, Blazzard Mag SLs or Blizzard Titan Cronus, but a few weeks ago, I got sucked into teaching a beginner lesson on my 200cm Volkl Ractiger SGs. It worked out fine.
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I think if your own movement patterns are correct it doesn't really matter although a really short (slalom length) ski could be useful if teaching children. I often used to get snagged between free-skiing runs to teach a lesson and end up on whatever I had been skiing on. I remember once (early 90's) coaching a level 5, level 6 type to better center his stance to facilitate turning and he turned to me and blurted out that it was easier for me since my skis were shorter. I glanced down at my 210cm Kastle GS racing skis and barely suppressed laughter.
I haven't taught in almost 9 yrs now so I am curious as to how the shorter length skis have impacted the teaching scene. I find my 165cm slalom skis to be really versatile and I would imagine useful for teaching. We were supposed to teach level one classes on rental equipment but that was almost never available so I normally taught such classes on longer conventional skis without problem.
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The 165s are great just because they make the demos so much more transparent. They can see hat when you tip the ski, it really does turn, and you don't need half the hill to do it.
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Like most everyone else, Blizzard X-Cross 11's for hard days, Mojo 90's for the soft stuff.

Exams: always on the Blizzards or similar. I'd never show up for an exam on a fat twin or any twin for that matter.
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I teach beginner kids on ex-rental-stock 135cm skis of whatever flavor. Sometimes level 1 adults too. Probably teach most lessons on my normal groomer skis (Atomic Metron X 178cm, 74mm under foot). Ended up teaching a beginner kid on 191cm Volkl Mantras on a power day when I got the short straw. 4+" of fluff on the green runs. It worked out fine, too. Actually, it was a lot of fun.

I would say teach on whatever ski you're most comfortable on. If you absolutely must match your ski to the task, it can be really beneficial to have a short ski for those large classes of beginners. You'll be moving around a lot in and out of stopped people, skating up hill a lot, etc. Having a small and light ski can make the day a little more comfortable.

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Atomic Metron 11 164cm 11M Rad. 76mm waist. Usually.
Atomic GS 11 Race 181cm on the hard stuff.
Atomic SL 11 Race 157cm for the race team practices.
Atomic DG/SG 217cm Downhillers for the looks you get.

Lots of weather changes = varied ski comditions = a full locker of skiis!!

Equally important question... What boots do you spend a hundred days a year in? What flex are they? How waterproof/warm ?
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