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avalanche course

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Hello I would like to get into going into the backcountry and stuff, just bought a randonee set up, and was wondering if you could suggest some avalanche courses, either in the tahoe area, like a weekend or something, or over some break... maybe next year, like a week camp or something.

i have been skiing a long time, so I can ski pretty much anything, just do not have backcountry experience, other then just screwing around out of bounds, So I do not know much about avalanche safety etc.

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There is the Powderfest at Whitewater coming in Feb three days with classes. Look at Mountaingear website.
Local ski shops would/should have info on what's in your area.
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avalanche.org does a good job listing classes. There is also the local avalanche advisory that lists classes.

LTCC does some good classes that are very affordable.

Here's a link from the local forecast site that lists Tahoe area providers.

I've had good experience with Alpine Skills International (ASI) in Truckee.

They are located on the 2nd floor of The Backcountry.
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Thanks for those links Splitter. Its something we've all become dreadfully aware of this year, more so than any other time I can remember.

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Check out Level 1 avalanche classes. Most of the classes are 3 days (24 hrs). 2/3 of the class is taught outside. Perhaps look for an AIARE Level 1 curriculum. Cheers, cmr
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thanks a lot for the replies, ASI looks pretty good.

thanks -powderhound
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You should also check out:
Mountain Adventure Seminars (MAS)
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