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MLK in Summit?

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So i'm in Denver.

Is anybody riding tomorrow (Monday 21st) MLK Day?

I have a Colo Pass, so A-Basin/Breck/Keystone would be doable, but am also up for Loveland or even Winter Park.

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I may be down for some afternoon turns for a few hours at Keystone. PM me your cell -- I'll know by around noon if I'll be able to come out (probably around 1 or 2pm) -- if so, I'll call you.
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Dookey, check your PMs
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We planned to make it - but the thought of another day of -20's wind-chill kept me huddled in the house.

A recent day a Loveland rattled my bones so bad, I've yet to recover.

Looking forward to slightly warmer days - next weekend looks good.
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Damn -- I was all dressed, and just when I was about to leave, a work email came in that necessitated me staying away from the slopes and finishing an analysis.

I'll try to get out tomorrow (probably afternoon again). If any of you guys are around, let me know. I'm partial to the Vail Resorts because of my pass.
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