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Expertise required..looking for a ski...

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Looking for an advanced ski for 75% bumps/trees and 25% groomers. Prefer under 70mm waist, wood core, relatively light (good in the air), a little forgiving (bumps) and a semi-upturned tail (easy for switch).

Love Dynastars, thinking about Skicross 9, but I didn't want to limit myself. I currently have the D-Legend 8000...and LOVE it, but a little too fat in the bumps. I don't want a specialized bump ski, but something in between a bump ski and mid-fat. Don't care about flotation in powder and crud, just want a smaller waist. Willing to get an older ski as well (01-04)

I'm 5'9", 155, agressive level 8 skier, and ski the Jane and Copper. (softer bumps than the icy East).

Any thoughts or recommendations would be awesome! Thanks!

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Consider Fischer RX8`s in 170 length.
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I have the Skicross 9 in 170 length. I'm 5'8" and about 170#. I think they're great, especially since the price was so reasonable for a more advanced level ski. They're not what I would consider light though. Sometimes the weight seems to add stability on rough terrain, crud or jumps... Very stable at higher speeds too. They're kind of stiff for bumps, but they seem to be designed with a bit more ski behind you and a little less in front of you for better handling in some situations without sacrificing high-speed edge grip. Not sure if they're exactly what you're looking for, but I've found them to be an extremely versatile ski that's easy and fun to turn, while still performing well on hardpack at higher speeds. Hope something I said helps you decide...

When I first got them, the bindings were mounted so that the center mark on the boot landed slightly forward of the center mark on the ski. I had problems with the back of the skis catching funny unless I leaned back in a very unnatural and unbalanced skiing position. I had them changed (1 notch back) so that center mark on the boot now lands slightly behind the center mark on the ski and they ski wonderfully, maybe requiring just a touch of forward pressure for the best control.
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Why not just get a comp bump ski? Other than that, maybe a narrow K2 like the cross fire or something like that. I think they have (or had) one with out a lot of metal.
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The SkiCross 9 or 10 are ideal and you can get some great deals on them online. I have a 5 year old pair of 170cm SkiCross 10s and I like them way better than the much newer Fischer RX-8/9s & Volkl Superstar 5/6s I've demoed. I use mine heavily in bumps without a problem since they can turn quickly.

The SkiCross 9 will probably be just fine for your weight and since you don't have to deal with boilerplate where you live. The only downside is you have to find some older Rossignol Axial (not Axial 2) or Look Pivot (not PX) bindings to put on them. The good news is those are still considered by many (including myself) to be the greatest bindings ever made.

Avoid true moguls skis. They are way too specialized and not much fun for carving on groomers or venturing off the beaten path.
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Yeah... Bought mine with the Look P10 lifter bindings and they're awesome...
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I found a decent deal on ebay for the skicross 9 (170s), w/ ftx rossi bindings, and royphil hit the nail, not only on the head, but sunk it through!.....I wish I read your post before I bought them.
I completely agree w/ everything you said! The center of the ski is toward the tip, and I bought the longer ski to gain more tip (over my 165 legends)!:
Tried moving the bindings back, but still, too much tail. I haven't taken them into moguls that day (too much snow to actually test carving), so I put them aside, and used the legends..I'm going to return the skicross 9s.
(although seemed like the perfect ski on paper, I think there's something lighter and less stiff). Loved the dimensions, though.

Too stiff? Yeah, a little, and I did remove the bindings and the skis were like 3 lbs lighter! But the autodrive technology gives you an extra 5-7mm off the snow, and didn't want that for bumps...carving yes, but not for bumps.

Looked into a spec mogul ski, but rio was right. Carving, zilch. Maybe when I'm zipperlining the moguls in a year or so, I'll upgrade.

thanks to all! and keep them coming if you have any more ideas.
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Why do you need more ski up front? The length is still there for control and the shorter tips seem to make them more nimble than the average stiffer ski.

I would almost urge you to try them again when conditions are better. Don't stray too much from the center mark on the ski or they'll be hard to handle. Just don't go forward of it. I guess I can see you not liking the lift, being a bumps guy. I told you they weren't light. Ride like a Cadillac car though... Awww... I was hoping you'd try them and love them... Sorry it didn't work out.
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