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Atomic Highnoon Nomads or Volkl AC20s?

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Im an advance-intermediate to advance skiier looking for a new pair of skis. I ski in the mid-atlantic area and stay on groomers most of the time. There is rarely powder and there are almost always some icy spots.
I've done my research and I have come up with 2 main choices, the Highnoons and the AC20s. I want a versatile ski that will allow me to travel and not have to worry about my skis. I have friends who have both and I hear nothing but the best about both.
Of course like every other person trying to make a decision i have a few other choices, like the Atomic Metron 9s or the Elan Magfire 12s. Any advice would be appreciated and I cant wait to get out on the snow again.
Thanks in advance
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A few more possibilities are the k2 apaches(suggestions for which one?), the elan speedwave 12, and possibly a line prophet 80 if i ever feel the need to play around and go to the park(was the 80 discontinued? it's not on line's website)
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While I haven't skied the highnoon I do ski the Blackeye and really like it for it's versatility and range of performance. the highnoon should be very similar, just dialed back a little and little more forgiving. Should do you well.
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Ok thanks for the help RicB hope to get a pair soon.
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I skied both the Blackeye and Highnoon last weekend. Both were great on the wind-scoured "ice" (put in quotes 'cause it's rockies version of ice) Although i did take them on a practice race course that had just been taken down, so it was hardpack..

I liked the Blackeye better and found them quite different, so if you are considering one or the other, you should demo. Highnoon was easier to crank out short turns, a little more versatile that way, but less stable and confidence boosting for me. The stability issue could have been because i am small and so maybe someone with more weight would prevent the feeling they were skipping/skiddering over the choppy snow.

Blackeye did every terrain and type of snow i could find well, except i had to be truly on my game in bumps - which i'm sad to report is not always the case. But if i were seeking a groomer ski, i would be very happy with the Blackeye.
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If you try the AC20 or Metron 9's let us know how they do for you. I am similar to your level and came up with these same two choices on paper. Actually have them both in the closet now after a good deal on last years models, but have not found a good weekend to get out and decide which to keep. If I do I'll try to post the differences as I experience them.
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I might be able to help

If you need AC20 in sizxe 170cm I have a pair of 1 week old 2008 model for sale - let me know.
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I'm pretty sure the Metron 9 was retired after '08...but, there are still '08s out there. They suddenly got scarce in my size when I was looking for skis in December, but I see some around here and there now.
I tried to find the Salomon X Wing 10 next, but didn't like the prices I saw...ended up buying the Fischer Red Heat, and I like it. Something like a Cool or Cold Heat might be better for your level...I've seen good prices on '08s of those.
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I skiied on Meton9 in deep powder over 2ft of fresh cold powder it was -15 out. i was amazed the float they had considering the waist size. The tips and tail are what kept me afloat and i could ski in the trees all day with out any issues! On the groomers the are easy to crank slolom turns but opened up there were a bit soft for me. Im 220 6ft. i realy loved these skis and how easy theyskied! My buddies are expert powder hounds with the latest Powder skis i could keep up with them. The only groomed run was soft snow so not sure about the ice personaly. Should do OK usually stiffer is better for ice.
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One thing that attracted me to the Metron 9 was the somewhat wider tips and tails compared to other skis with a similar waist...I was pretty bummed when I couldn't track any down at the right time. I'm similar to whipper's size, so a little more surface area sounded good.
I'm happy with my Red Heats, but was chubbing for the Metron 9 and X Wing 10 big time before settling on them.
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