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1-Ski Quiver recommendations for a new intermediate skier PLEASE!

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Hi everyone,

I am a newly-hooked skier, and I have already progressed to what most descriptions would call an advanced beginner/early intermediate skier. I feel comfortable skiing blues (greens are boring now). I am still a little uncomfortable with high speeds, but I am getting used to it. I like medium to long radius turns, but sometimes play around with quicker turns. I do not know how to carve yet... I skid through turns a lot. I'm not really interested in moguls.

My stats:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Location: California (will be doing most of my skiing at Tahoe... but I have skied in Colorado, and I will also try out Utah and Western Canada - Whistler)

I am looking to purchase my first set of skis. I am looking for the following characteristics:

1) I need a ski that is good for my current skill level, but can also carry me through to the next level. I've been taking lessons, which helped me progress very quickly.
2) I need a ski that can handle all-mountain ski conditions. I don't want to buy several sets of skis. I mostly ski groomed resort runs, but I want to a ski that can handle icy runs, too. As I get better, I am sure I will get addicted to fresh powder, so my ideal ski would handle that well too.
3) I need a ski that is relatively inexpensive. I love new technology and would like to get the newest 2008 skis, but I don't want to unload a whole lot of money. If that means getting a 2007 or 2006 ski at clearance prices, I can deal with that. However, if there are solid skis from 2008 that are cheap, that's ideal for me.

I have heard a lot of good things about the Atomic Nomad series (but not sure which model is best suited for me... seems like Highnoon would be good, Blackeye a little too much for me?), the K2 Apache series (particularly the Recon, Raider, Ranger). What other brands/models are good?

What ski lengths are good for me?

Thank you so much!
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Besides the Atomic Nomad series and the K2 Apache series, other skis I have heard good things about are the Volkl Tigershark 10 Powerswitch and the Salomon X-Wing 10.
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Sounds like the Head iM 78 is also a potential choice. What do you folks think?
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K2 Raider, Head iM 78, Nordica Nitrous (maybe Overdrive)Volkl AC 20, would be good ones to check out.
the Raider, iM, and Nitrous all have a 78mm waist which will work well in all conditions. The Overdrive and AC 20 have 74mm waists which will be easier for you to get up on edge and start carving.
Size? I'ld say ballpark 170mm.
Lots of good skis for you too chose from.
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Head Xenon Xi 7.0. Really fun, light, cheap*, maybe hard to find. 156cm length for you. I ski these, and they're FUN. They hold an edge very well on hardpack, they're like silk in powder up to knee deep, fun in bumps, and just put a big smile on the face of everyone who's tried them. They have a huge sweet spot so they're easy to ski, and not much more difficult to ski very well. At your ability level and size, I disagree with the suggestions about more advanced skis and longer lengths. For a ski that might be easier to find but not quite as good off piste, the Head iXRC800, 156 cm, would be a great choice for you. The Fischer RX-6 might also be a good choice, but I'd sure look for the Xenon 7.

*$600 with bindings MSRP.
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You can find a 06-07 Fischer AMC 79 over at Overstock.Com for under $400 with bindings. Very versatile ski for intermediate up, can handle everything from ice to moderate pow, will be a bit much for a while, so get it as short as you can (170) concentrate on learning to carve it. It'll give you everything you need for years...
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