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technique refinement

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hi, im new to these forums and wondering if you guys could help me. it is my first year snowboarding but i have already been over half a dozen times so far this year. i am also a descent skier but decided to give snowboarding a try. i got a very nice "scorpanzatica" board 159cm (K2) with nice flow bindings for very cheap.

what i was wondering is, do you guys have any tips for somone relatively new? i can already carve(both ice and powder) handle small jumps, and can even do some black diamonds already. i currently ride regular with ~15/-5 angles (feels the most stable for me). and i did all this without once having a proper instructor, just by watching others i figured it out (after several runs and a sore rear end later) however, i still have difficulty with moguls and bumps. any tips? thanks, im going to be making another trip out tomorrow to sugarloaf USA (in maine). Thanks.
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Sure- check out www.bomberonline.com, maybe this thread: http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulleti...ad.php?t=18850

...for starters. there's a very helpful community of riders, there.
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