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Utah Curse Strikes Again

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My 2002-03 ski season came to an abrupt halt today. I broke my ankle (tibia) while chasing snow in the trees with BobMc at Snowbasin this afternoon. Feel free to speculate on why I keep breaking things in my right leg.

Before: Porky Face

After: Porcupine's

[ February 04, 2003, 04:13 AM: Message edited by: jamesdeluxe ]
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Wow, :

That's a bummer James,

Hope you heal quickly again. Sorry for your bad luck with Utah..

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Any time 1 leg is injured, you lose proprioception on that side,causing you to re-injure it. Get better soon, at least before Sugarbush!
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damn dude, that hella sucks.
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Oh boy, talk about bad luck JD.
Get well soon!
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You need a custom footbed that's all. Get skiing!!!!
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Been there, done that. It even can be fun since now everyone has to cater to you. Ann made me a pouch for around my neck to tote my thermos with coffee around. But that was 35 years ago in Davos, Switzerland and they gave me those crutches that clamp onto your forearm under the elbow, MUCH preferred to those under arm crutches.

I sense that you have been there before also and know how to behave, but practice makes perfect . I wish you a speedy recovery, ready for next season.

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Jeez, jd. That sucks.

Sorry to hear it. I hope everything heals correctly and you're back at it again next season.

It was great to meet you in person.

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Sorry to hear about it. BobMc told me last night and I was really shocked! Fox, rustyedge, Fredo and I would have joined you, bought you a few beers, if we could have gotten out of the LCC last night. Heal quickly and fully.
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damn, same rock? sorry to hear about this!
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Sounds like what I did last year in a car accident. It was 6 weeks to the day that I could ski again. About two months before it quit hurting.
Hope you have a speedy recovery.
There's always summerski at Mt Hood or Blackcomb.
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Damn, that really bites. Especially if it wasn't your last planned day of skiing. If you've hurt it before, you know all the drill with the crutches and whatnot, so I'll just wish you the speediest recovery possible.

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Wow JD, this is freaky! Just the day before you were having a blast in Alta! I cannot believe this happened to you. I wish you a very speedy recovery.
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Fracture, er, jamesdeluxe, hope you get better soon! But for the time being, I think it is time to change your name to a more suitable one like, well, Fracture.

Really odd that you would do all the damage to the right side and that you would break the leg near the ankle. Drink some milk or something. Or are you a vegan?

Give us the complete rundown once the meds wear off and you can think again.

If you do decide to come out and ski Mt. Hood this summer, let me know, I would love to ski with you, and summer at Hood is beautiful. Plus, the wife and I are tied into the medical community here so we could schedule an orthopedic exam before you fracture anything!!! Nothing like a preemptive strike to set the stage for excitement.

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Was bummed to hear the news last night James.

Get well soon.
I would have joined you 2 @ the basin but the darn passs & alta & all that snow......
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James! I'm so sorry to hear of your mishap! I really enjoyed meeting you and skiing with you and Oboe at Alta on Friday.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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Damn! Again?! I'll call when I'm back in Vermont Wednesday. Take care of yourself . . . PLEASE!!!

I should talk, though. Hit a rock under the snow at Brighton on Tuesday of the Academy, but as luck would have it, the result was only a sprain and I've continued skiing until the end of today.

From the photo, you look like you're being well taken care of.

I'm assuming this forecloses skiing at Sugarbush in March, but please join us anyway at Warren House for dinner.

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James, I'm so Sorry to hear this. I hope everything heals up fast and your back on skis soon. Take care it was good skiing with you at Alta.
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Bummer, Dude, but you look so happy from the um, ankle up!
Speedy recovery to you!
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Thanks again, everyone. You have no idea how embarrassing it is to be on the receiving end of these good wishes for the second time in 10 months. I just had the cast put on, and yes, it's curtains for my ski season. Oh well, I did get 19 days in, with four major pow days (all in the East, of course ).
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James this is an opportunity to learn how to ski on one ski. Don't laugh, I broke my ankle a few years back and after the swelling went down I skied on one leg with neoprene over the cast of the other. Great quad builder.
Get well soon.
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James, sorry to hear about your injury. I know from personal experience that commuting on the nyc subways can really be a pia on crutches. (I used to live in a 4th floor walkup)
Hope you heal well, cheers.
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Brooklyn: jamesdeluxe finally gets the powder shots that he was denied in Utah.

[ February 08, 2003, 05:26 AM: Message edited by: jamesdeluxe ]
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Jamesdeluxe, glad your sense of humor is intact . I know, you're crying on the inside

The east has really been getting it this winter.
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