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Volkl fan club- new member

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Hi Guys, just thought I really had to post about this wonderful ski company, I was in chamonix a couple of weeks ago and did a compulsive purchase of a pair of Mantra's. Ive been using them in Cham, courmayeur but mostly in Val Thorens and the 4 valleys. All I can say is these ski's blow anything else Ive ever used away.. soft powder, windblown high mountain powder with wind damaged crud, groomed pistes, icey pistes, bumps, I cannot believe how well they perform, utterly gobsmacking! gone has my powder technique of old with short radius squigles, now its fast BIG turns even on the steeps, the confidence the mantras give is second to none..

headin over to north america next month so hopefully be able to test them out on the powder fields over there!

goodbye stockli and thankyou volkl!!!!

ps its been a vintage january in the french alps!! :
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I have been thinking about a Mantra but like (and need) to make short turns in powder from time to time...does this ski let you do that?

What size (you and ski) & bindings?

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I lfeel the same way about my pair of mantras! remarkably versatile given their size

Though I can't say that won't be saying goodbye to stockli. the XLs have been a permanent fixture in my quiver for several years. I'm also looking to try the DP and the TT to see how they compare to the Mantra.
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MEFREE30, I have the 184's, (im approx 6ft) and you can do short turns no bother at all. The bindings are markers, no idea what model but they where cheap, they mount flat with no plate, i dont use high din settings for powder as i value my legs too much, case in point 2days ago i hit, at speed, a large block of buried ice under the powder, ski stopped dead and I didnt, nose dive central , if the dins had been high then we are talking severe leg break and knee explosion terrain here..

think ill try my fritschi freerides on them when i get back to bonny ecosse, i suspect i will prefer the flat mounting alpine bindings though!

PS the seth viscious are going in the furnace when i get home, absolute pile of junk those skis
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I just demoed a pair of 178 Mantra's yesterday and I'm thinking it was one of the best ski days I had. I just loved them! Me:5'9", 175lbs, 50 yrs, ski off-piste as close to 100% of the time if possible, level - no idea maybe 7 ??. Conditions, couple inches of powder over slight icey layer beneath. These skis rocked! I recently purchased a pair of 183 gots off TGR, the truth is, and I hate to admit this, they seem to big for me, maybe too much ski ... damn that hurts to say so. My one big question, in the past I have been used to soft skis in deep powder (like PR"S, I know ... but that's what I used), given the Mantra's stiffness, and my inclination for soft skis, will I love the Mantras in deep as well as I did yesterday. And might there be "Mantra-like alternatives" I might look at?
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mtbakersnow, depends what you mean by deep.. high altitude mountain environment powder in france is very different from Utah waste height airated stuff! I found on really steep stuff the mantras float so much that putting all your weight on the downhill ski when pulling through a big gs turn isnt a problem (if that makes sense), i very much doubt i would get a pair of the riduculously fat powder skis as I do most of my skiing in the french alps where all types of snow conditions can be encountered on one descent, let alone across different parts, aspects of any given mountain...
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my guess is you dont go fast enough to use the seths their speed limit is alot higher than my 06-07 mantras i had last year, send them this way dont burn them, especially if they are the 189s.

Mantras are great at making meduim turns at meduim speeds but not much else.
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Seths do have a higher speed limit but I personally don't like the feel of them. (tho I wouldn't throw them in the furnace, they're good planks!!)

The 07-08 Mantras have a bit more stability than their predecessors. Not alot but the change in torsional stiffness was noticeable to me. I can certainly find the speed limit on them but i've had them going stupid fast with little worries.
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Scottish Rockhopper...curious...how much do you weigh...I am 5 10, 175 pounds and am thinking I want the 184s. Not sure though. 177 might be right too.
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