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Hot Dog: The Movie

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Hey folks! I'm the new guy. I've been enjoying this forum for awhile now and I thought I'd have a little fun for my first post! This question was posted by me on another forum last year and then the format was changed and it was erased... so here goes again.

What is your favorite scene in "Hot Dog: The Movie"? Mine is near the end when the boys decide that the Chinese Downhill is the only way to settle their dispute. If you watch closely, the guy with the army fatigues and the iron ball on his hand takes a swing at one of the good guys and hangs a downie. He high-sides on flat terrain and pulls the full-on mackeral slap. The scene only lasts for about 1/2 a second, but what a beauty crash. I can feel my spleen twitch every time I see it. Great fall, I love it!

Anyway, I'm glad to be involved here and I hope to learn even more on this site. Everyone seems to be super. (SCSA and Lisa marie need to calm themselves, though. haha)

Spag's Tip of the week: NEVER fry bacon naked.
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Hey Spag,

Just wanted to say hello. Oh yeah, we got it worked out.

Anyway, I'm out. Can't remember. Probably saw "Hotdog" but that was zillions of brain cells ago.

My favorite ski movie is downhill racer - it's so me.

later -
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Favorite scene: Mask & snorkel in the hot tub
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"Dreamer on the Rise". A daily inspiration for all of us...
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"Hey Rudy!"
"You can kiss my ass!"
"Not on this side and not on this side...
but right-in-zee middle!"
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Squirrell in the small gondola.

Reverend Poppy
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What's the ONE line that EVERYONE knows from that movie......

What za f*#k isss a Chineess downhill????

Favorite non skiing scene: Bimbo in a yellow one-piece in the gondola with Squirrel.

Favorite skiing scene: The Chinese Downhill. But runner up goes to the scene where they unscrewed Rudi's teams bindings.

Yeah, Spag, I remember that iron ball to a full back flop. That was a good one. I couldn't imagine being one of the stunt skiers for that scene - OUCH!
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"Harkin, you know vat I had for breakfast? I had Sunny side up, I had sunny side down, und I had sunny side all tzee vay around!"
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Spag, long time...howz Rushmore? Yeah, the PSIA forum is now a lame will be updated shortly. Not enough antagonists there...just milque-toast pablum(sp?) sucking. Tread carefully here, you could get scorched...but nice to see you have arrived. Now if Lucky R You would show...there is another lucky lurking here! Hello to the wife!
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"hey Harkin, nice run man. were you on shrooms or what?!"
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Hey Robin! Will be in contact with some questions soon. I just bought a new building for my children's center. Exciting!!! They're giving me a prety free reign up here. Rapid City hit 103 degrees the other day. SUCKED! Good otherwise. Hello to the wife + progeny.

"What jump are you gonna do?"
"Kiss ass blaster."
"Jesus Harkin,You qualified for that?"
"Well I'm Gonna do it."

Definitely the cockiest scene involving Harkin.

Spag's quote of the day:
"Mass genocide is the most exhausting endeavor you can participate in... next to soccer."
- Matt damon in "Dogma" -
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By the way Robin. Lucky Ryo is off the grid. Haven't seen or heard since the Durango Bloodbath. Don't know what his gig is.
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Phil ...... now try that playing golf...... and then it hits you..... poor ball and if Aristotle was right .... like, like, EVERYTHING that has FORM & STRUCTURE has SOUL! Then a voice says ... hit the ball Phil!
post #14 of 26 always remember the lines...remember the trip back from the Edwin in Telluride? I think the score was: 99% of Blazing Saddles, 98% of Holy Grail, 78% Princess Bride, 63% Young Frankenstien and 103% Caddyshack! Phil this was without your blotter!
If you do find Luckryu, tell him I'm lookin for him!
Favorite scene from HDTM, Robbie Huntoon doing windows at the lodge! A good bud of mine Jeff Chumas did the stunt coordination on that flick....nice gig!

Hey...what kind of of those ski area cap ex budget-minded 1979 Detroiter doublewides?<FONT size="1">

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"Hot Dog" the movie ? No not realy....actually a mindless bunch of pulp. Sort of like the filler they mix with the butchered scraps of meat off the floor,and the other very poor high fat content cuts of meat they use to make hot dogs !

Not at all appetizing !
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Jeez wink, Issues much? Probably didn't like Holy Grail either, huh?

Robin, it's a '78. Funny you know me so well. Very post apocalyptic and best of all... Roomy. The kids were being stuffed in a basement.

Back to HDTM lines. "Hold on... while I pull out my GIRL FINDER!!!!!"

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The team meeting at the broom-ball game.
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Dogma! Now THATS a cool film!!!
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If by Holy Grail, you mean Montey Pithon's, yes, that's great humour. Hot dog isn't even poor slapstick, it's just poor. Hot Dog doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath, let alone the same sentence as.....!
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I'm about 2-3k miles away from where I really wanna be right now, and think snow is creeping into my consciousness more and more often as the temps start to drop and the leaves start to fall, and because I have a copy on VHS...


BUMP!! beercheer.gif


So, so cheesy, but fun, and the ski scenes are great!


Have read lots of stuff in different threads here about personal experiences with HDTM. Don't know when this was originally posted, but it adds some nice additional info...


BTW, "Hot Dog" is now available on Netflix On Demand.

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I love this movie because I think they did a great job of capturing the vibe of that era.  Whenever I see it, it takes me back to my years as a pro in the late 70's & early 80's, and some of the shenanigans that went on (on the mountain and off).  It was a great time to be in the industry.... before everything became too corporate and too serious.

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I will say....the people at Squaw that got to ski in the movie consider the film production crews arrival at Squaw to be some sort of golden moment in history. a lot of fun, easy money, good parties. So, at least you have to say that it did itself well and right.

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Hot Dog is responsible for the life I've chosen to live.


"You ski like you did in qualifying, you could be the kid we are looking for"


Here's Rudi at the 20 year anniversary of Hot Dog.


Rudi and Wayes.jpg

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Wow, between post 19 and 20... a 10 year bump!!!! Holy thread resurrection. 

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Banzaiii! Im gonna use that line all season

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Watched Hot Dog The Movie this morning and then went skiing this afternoon, does life get any better? I think not.


As for my favorit scene. Sylvia's party, Dan is behind the bar and makes a drink called the leg spreader. Girl slams back about 6oz of hard liquor and then passes out. Squirel Murphy than says " That's a girl I can take advantage of " I first saw this movie when I was 12. And I wanted to be Squirel Murphy from that point on.

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