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Disgusting but serious question

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I know I'm not the only person who has a running snot box while skiing, but in my case it is extreme.
It doesn't take long before my hank becomes frozen and feels like I'm blowing my nose on aluminum foil.I don't like the sniff and hack method,or the Appalachian style of leaning over safty bar on chair lift and projectile blowing while holding one nostril(too much respect for skiers below).
I have tried over the counter cold medications with little success.
Anyone have suggestions or a mountain remedy?

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Hi fellow leaker,

I went to the doc a few weeks ago to get some allergies checked. He's an asthma and allergy specialist. He prescribed Flonase and Atrovent. Didn't do anything for my allergy problem, but I haven't leaked since starting this regime. FYI - also includes heavy vit c & e, zinc, and a standard multi. good luck. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Dude, just keep blowin' snot rockets. If you're worried about hitting people below, you need to ski less crowded areas. Anyway, that's why we wear goggles.
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Lay off the coke.
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You're built upside down. Your nose runs and your feet smell.
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Have you tried Sudafed capsules?

If swallowing them doesn't work, try shoving them up your nostrils.

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Try Contact it should dry everything up.

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Sudafed is what I use and they also keep me wired up
I think I'll get Contact and similar products and have my own field test in the back yard during next snowfall. Thanks
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Ziggyskier- Flonase takes time to build up. It will help your alergy greatly. Once i ran out of my perscription and didn't have the prescript with me while out of state. I asked the pharmacist if there was anythig over the counter close to it to tide me over. He laughingly said noooo way!
Some ski areas put kleenex boxes by the lifts. Nice touch. yep... Kleenex is a brand name, also a household word. Tissue? yes, but I ain't PC... so it's Kleenex! or... sneezex!

or Just use Texas Tissue! ..... your sleeve! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Grow a mustache...and... you will discover its benefits on those runny type days.
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Originally posted by wink:
Grow a mustache...and... you will discover its benefits on those runny type days.
My 'stache has been in place for 35 years. My kids use to call me "icicle Ron" because of the huge ice block that builds up on cold days. But it doesn't drip!

I also discovered the curve of the handle on old Scott pistol grips (which I still use) fits the curvature of my upper lip perfectly and is very useful for cleaning when it is warm and the 'stache is full of glop. As for the free tissues...too flimsy. Pick up a pocket full of napkins at the closest mountain restaurant. They also come in handy for occasionally deicing the big block.

As for the cold remedies. I hate the idea of putting chemicals in my body to control a natural function. Of course I also do not suffer from the allergies others posting here suffer from. (a personal view).
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I was just looking at an advertisement in a ski rag about new gloves, one of the features of these gloves was a "nose-wipe strip". hmmmmm,SOMONE was thinking! [img]smile.gif[/img] better than smearing it all over the waterproof...ok, ill stop. (eeewwww.) :

At Attitash in NH, they used to have dispensers around the lodge marked "Atti-tissues". Unfortunatley, in the intrest of cost cutting, i suppose, atti-tissues were one-ply and it ended up on your gloves anyway....

oh this is gross.

anyway, careful for those over the counter decongestants...could make you sleeeepy. for allergies, I take perscription Allegra...non drowsy and works great!
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Now I remember...
Scott did ones last year with a soft cloth piece on one thumb (for your nose) and a wiper blade on the other (for your goggles)

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Ill look for the ad when I get home, but im pretty sure it was scott....
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Stop breathing
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No it wasnt Scott, it was Dakine....their new glove has the nose-wipe strip.

Dakine glove

(edited to add the URL.)

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And Spider too. My beloved wife has given me one pair for my birthday.
at first I thought "what's this for?", then I realized...

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I don't understand how the glove wipes work.How do you purge snot from it? Flick it,like you would a paint brush to rid of water? :
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tk, I don't think there is any way to purge the snot.

They just seem to kind of swell up as they absorb more and more.

People on the lift ask me why my gloves are soooooo big.......
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One cartridge up each nostrile. Hey, it worked for the MacKenzie brothers in Strange Brew. I might add the best film ever made.

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