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Hey Bears!

What is the main criteria when buying a new pair of skis?
In most cases it's going to be the personal impression of the buyer. And it's easy to form ones own opinion - Just walk into that ski shop, get the pair of skis you wanna try and go...

However, it might become a bit more difficult if you aim for a ski that does not have countless twins all over the world.

That is why we want to give all of you who are interested in edelwiser skis the chance to test a pair of Swing, Speed or Firnis in your ski area. I am going to be on tour in Colorado, Utah, Vermont and California with a bunch of test skis and whoever is interested in trying them is invited to do that for free.

Check out the exact schedule here.

PS: We are still a young company and our approach to the whole topic of skiing is a very fresh and open one. So if you got ideas about possible ways of cooperation I would be happy to hear from you! We are still looking for Ambassadors, Testcenters and Partners...

If you're interested, just mail me!