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Stockli Rotor 179 cm 124/76/109

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Finally got my Rotors mounted up with some rather heavy Solomon S912's with the riser and "poweraxe" connection plate... the combo is much heavier than my current Volant T3's with a similar binding despite the Rotor's foam core...

Spent five days in Utah with these... I'm 45, 6'1" 185... level 7-8 skier... I like steep groomers and powder and got to try these in a variety of conditions... the first thing I noticed was how fast the skis were... these are my first Stockli's so I am sure other models are faster, but these skis just flew down the mountain... very easy turn initiation, smooth and stable on hardpack... excellent edge hold... an active ski that does want to turn, but I found the skis to work well in short, medium and long radius turns despite some other reviews I have read which characterize the ski as somewhat jumpy...

Spent much of my time in the powder and crud and the skis worked very well... decent flotation (not as good as a dedicated powder ski, but certainly better than a pure piste ski) and very smooth through the crud...

I did get some icy conditions and found the ski chattering a bit more than my Volants on ice, but edge hold was still fairly good... and I did venture into the bumps and the ski was adequate although a shorter length would have been helpful... folks interested in the ski should certainly demo the 169 and 179 length as many feel the 169 is adequate for even taller heavier aggressive skiers... for me, I was glad to have the length in longer turns and at higher speeds... and in the powder the float was likely better with the extra surface

As with all "all mountain" skis there are tradeoffs but I found these skis quite enjoyable and capable... and look forward to trying them in other conditions as the season progresses

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Well, a year and 3 onths later... how'd the Rotors hold up???

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Still enjoy them from time to time, but the Volkl AC50's I picked up for almost nothing during the dark days of the economic crisis blow them out of the water... lighter, more nimble, better at speed, more versatile etc etc... the Rotors are fine, but I think I would go a bit shorter and put a lightweight binding on them if I had to do it over...
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