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Smarter Skis

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LisaMarie: I saw this article somewhere else a few months ago and I think.......time will tell! In the meantime:

Keep skiing faster! :

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I am waiting for the invention of smarter skiers.

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Who knows?
If someone had told me 15 years ago, that I'd be racing SL on skis as short as my ballet skis back in the 70's, or racing SG on sub-2meter skis, I would have asked if you were having a bad flash back from the bad brown acid at Woodstock (the original).

I'm excited as heck to see where technology is going to go! And I hope we are all here to experience it!

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Me too VSP. As I age every little bit helps.

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I think that advancing ski technology will continue to flourish. For dedicated skiers improved levels of performance and wider performnace range are always attractive. But, in general, I think we have much greater potential for improved boot and/or binding technology (especially in the areas of fitting and alignment) in terms of impact on the overall skier population. I see a sizeable disparity between the level of ski technology and boot/binding technology. (Also see comments along these lines in Ott's thread on how much an instructor needs to know).
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we were joking around at the shop the other day saying that the new tyrolia bindings look like the sony aibo's head (sony's robotic dog). Then we were joking around about how, if you fall and the ski comes off, the ski should be able to come running to its owner like the sony aibo does [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Well, I'm hoping you are right, MelloBoy. Now that I'm old I would like to have robotic skis that I could send out on the slope to do the skiing while I sit by the fire in the lodge sipping my manhatten

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