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OK place to start or seek other boot?

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I've been getting great information here on and off for a couple of years, but this is my first post. Hope to eventually be able to contribute in helpful way as well.

In any event, situation is that I have a Salomon Impact 10 and am trying to determine if this is the right place to start b/f having any modifications done or should I seek another boot.

About me: Level 7/8 skier, 6'1", 195 pounds. Will be skiing primariy in the east and a fair amount with my young children on some very easy cruising. I would like to push it when I'm able to get away -- probably 60/40 on-piste. I measure about a 27.5 mondo and wear a 10 ee in most dress shoes. Neutral foot according to running shoe evaluations. Forefoot width is a hair shy of 4.25 inches at widest point below little toe, length of foot is 10.75 inches, 10.75 inches measure aournd the ankle. Calf seems to work in most boots, though a 28 in the Salomon Falcon 10 pinched on the right calf a fair amount

I have been skiing in old Salomon Ingegral boot (27) and it's time to upgrade after 14 years. I do have custom instaprint footbeds made out in Taos and had some work done on the boots out there in '98, but I experience pain across the top of my foot and have to unbuckle more and more to make it through the day the last couple of seasons. I've seen a number of different boot fitters in Boston and NH shops and have received suggestions on a number of different models and sizes. The Salomon Impact 10 seems to come up the most and fit the best at this point, but even there, I have had shell fitted recomendations on 3 different sizes from 26.5 to 28 mondo. My wife surprised with the size 27.5 b/c she thought I was settled on fit, but I am not sure it's the right boot or fit at this point (haven't skied it yet, b/c wanted to see if it's an ok boot to start). It feels ok as I try it on indoors, very snug all around without pain and a good heel grip. I can have work done where she bought it, but thought I would ask the experts to ensure I'm at least starting in a reasonable place. Don't feel like there is any room on the sides, but can't tell if that's going to result in pain after a day of skiing or pack out and feel just fine. I really wanted an objective opinion. I am checking on the return policy to see if I can start over or need to work with what I have.

Does it sound like the Impact 10 should be something I can work with or should I return ?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! Let me know if there is anything other info I can provide that would help in answering.
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remove the liner.
1) have your toes touching the front. now you want 5-15mm behind your heel and the shell of the boot

2) center your foot, front to back. You now want 0-2mm each side on the width of your foot.

3) you can make a small boot bigger, but not a big boot smaller
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thanks very much, mntlion. I think the shell fit is good on the heel -- probably one and a half fingers or less in the 27/27.5 versus a full two fingers in the 28. The side is more the issue at 0mm, but I'm not feeling any pain, just very snug. I wanted to ask with foot measurements to see if that was fine. Based on the 0 being one of your parameters for width, sounds like I'll be safe at least skiing it and seeing how it works out. Can always get width work done I take it.

Also, several folks in the stores have said liners pack out less these days. Not sure if that is true, but felt like it was still safer to be on the snug side to start. Want to make sure that's right.
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sounds like the shell fit is OK,

liners will pack out in a few days, takes a bit less time if you heat up the liner, but does the same thing either way in a few days

just go ski em, and see what works and doesn't
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