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boots too big?

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hey guys,

I think I've made the criminal error of buying boots that are slightly too big. I get a bit of heel lift when flexing forward and also in turns, and I can make my feet slide forward a little in the boots to touch the front. There is also a lot of wriggle-room around my toes (even after sticking neoprene between shell and liner!) And when I undo clips and let my ski dangle from a chairlift, my heel is certainly off the footbed.

I ski an 27.5 Atomic RT 130 with a Conformable footbed, and Surefoot in Val d'Isere reckon I'm a 26.5 so I'm skiing a recreational fit for a performance boot; and seeing as I'm doing a season out here as a ski guide they're only going to pack out and get worse.

Firstly, does this sound correct? Am I going to have to get new boots?

Secondly, do you think foam-injected liners may solve the problem?

Thirdly, what are your opinions on Surefoot? Doubtless their custom boots work for problem feet, but is there any point in paying 600-900 Euros for fully custom boots when I could get a new race-type boot to fit my feet for much less. Or could I?

Thanks for your time guys,

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i will start as you are from the home town!

if indeed you have been shell checked in a 26.5 and it was shown to be correct then really the only way is to go got new boots

take the liner out and stand in the empty shell, 10-15mm will give a good performance fit any more and you are in a recreational fit...... if you are going to surefoot in Val speak to Mark Wilkinson [old friend of mine]

PM me if you want other local solutions

foam injected liners will be a waste of money to try and fix a boot too big is time and effort down the drain, it may feel great short term but the fit will not last as the foam packs down

a good footbed and the correct shell will be just fine for most people, if you want a custom fit -ie foam then great, but make sure it is in the correct shell in the first place, there is a tendancey to pick a shell and fill the gaps with foam, this is not the best solution unless as stated earlier the shell is correct.

good luck
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The correct shell fit is a precious commodity. You'll end up wasting too much time trying to get it to fit right and fiddling with it. I would recommend seeing and a great bootfitter and get the right fit. There are no magic pills when it comes to fitting a boot that is too big.
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