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womans ski's ???

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Im new to skiing....went once at sugarbush rented skiis was doing blue by the end of the day...had a blast so I bought some ski's....rossignol B3W....Im a male 175lbs...5'9"....I belive the ski size is 168...now i know these are womans skis but the price was right and there not pink or anything.....will I have a problem with these ??...any suggestions

ok heres the other thing....I bought another pair of rossignols from sports athority...apparently the are axium W's ...lol another womans ski...but again the price was only 80$......I put marker 3.5 bindings....does anyone see any problems with my purchases ??
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If they are woman-specific skis, then they will be softer and perhaps forward mounted when compared to men's skis of the same length. Might not make a difference now, but as you start to ski faster/harder, your 175lb weight will probably do better on a stronger ski. At some point you'll probably want to get a ski with more beef.

I am not familiar with the 3.5 bindings, but you better make sure they have the correct DIN range for your height/weight. I know Marker makes a "4.5" binding for juniors up to about 125 lbs. I have not heard of a "3.5" model before.
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hi...ty...they are actually 3.2 and they say 60 to 190 lbs...din 2-9......what effect would a softer ski have? i was told it would be easier to bully into corners/turns.....thanks again
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OK, the 3.2 was a junior binding. They will most likely not accommodate adult boots, so unless you plan on buying junior boots you might not want to use these bindings.

A softer ski will not have a lot of stability at higher speeds, it will not support a lot of weight or edge pressure when pushed hard, and that leads to associated side effects (like poor grip on ice or hard snow).

I don't know how much you've invested so far, but we bought skis, bindings, and poles for two family members this past Christmas for $200-250 per person. One setup was intermediate gear, the other expert. Both were leftover gear from a couple seasons ago, hence the deal. As an example, the intermediate setup was this one:


I am not saying that these are the right skis for you, but the point is that you can buy good adult skis, with the right bindings, for not a lot of money. Don't waste your time/money buying stuff from Sports Authority unless you know what you're getting. Occasionally people find good deals there, but more often than not we hear about situations like yours. I just don't think it's a good idea buying woman's skis and junior bindings when you can get a proper men's setup for the same or slightly more money.
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Originally Posted by kook View Post
rossignol B3W....
Besides the skis are for the wrong gender, the B3's are actually made for more advanced skiers that needs a fatter waist (83). I think you'll have a hard time learning the right techniques on these skis as one who is starting out.
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thanks for the advice.....I tried my B3w's last night I had a good time, they seem to be working fine cant wait to get them on a real mountain...but i was doing black on the hill near me, they were a little shakey at high speeds but i had no problem turning...Im going to sports athuority to get a different set of bindings for my other ski's....thank you so much and im sure ill be here often.....lol
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