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rip it up

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i advertises on this site before, and i have to say, my site looked like crap then, but i have renovated completely and am happy with the way my site has turned out. So i think you should at least take a look at it, and tell me what you think, then i will stop with the annoying posts.
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Looks good. Not bad layout work for a hack

I got IE errors when I went there. I'm using IE 6. I'm not a web monkey, so I don't really have a clue for you.

I checked it out with another PC that I've got IE 5.5 on - it worked fine.

Good luck with it,
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nice work.

i'd like to see some color... i think monochromatic was what you were going for...but just one accent/highlight color would help...the design's solid, but it doesn't suck you in. if not color: maybe a picture? some lineart? icons...? it's missing something.

also: have somebody fine tune your grammar, spelling, and content. it sounds rather like you're in high school or college -- perhaps you could talk an instructor into helping you out. maybe you have a very literate friend... the most critical impression is the first impression, and a well-written, professional looking site will get loads more respect and repeat visitors that one w/ 2 or 3 obvious spelling or grammar errors. (hint: watch out for your usage of the words 'than' and 'then'.)

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