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Gore 1/16 - 1/18

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As a follow-up to my 1/15 TR....again no pictures. Sorry, but my camera's battery is toast.

1/16 (Wednesday) - Wednesday is Coca-Cola day at Gore...bring in a Coke product and get a half price ticket. Plus the sun was out. More people than on Tuesday and the snow from Tuesday had been raked. Great packed powder corduroy in the morning, but by afternoon, it had been skied off. Lots of runs off of the Straightbrook quad (Chatiemac, Hawkey, Open Pit). They still wouldn't drop the ropes on Lies. I talked to a patroller and he said there was nothing under the 4" we got on Tuesday. Fast GS turns on the Nordica Afterburners all day. It was cold but bearable.

1/17 (Thursday) - The least best day of the week. No new snow overnight and what had been skied off on Wednesday wasn't enough to cover the hardpack. It was cloudy and cold, but no wind. I went with the Dynamic VR17 Slaloms and it was the right choice. Lots of time on the edges, but they were holding pretty nice. They opened Twister toward the end of the day and it was an interesting run through 3" of manamade that hadn't been groomed. Best run was definitely Open Pit off the Straightbrook but even that got skied off a little bit by the end of the day. Uncas was second best as they still hadn't groomed it since Tuesday's snow and there was plenty of big piles of soft snow separated by some pretty hard loud powder.

1/18 (Friday) - An unexpected 4" of heavy wet snow happened early in the AM. It came after the groomers had finished, so all trails were essentially ungroomed. It was much heavier than Tuesday's snow but fresh snow is fresh snow. Quads were burning but got big gloppy face shots on a couple of runs. Headed straight to the Straightbrook Chair and skied laps on Chatiemac, Hawkeye, and Open Pit. It was really crappy snow, but after the meltdown last week, this was unexpected and a welcome pleasure - almost powder. I then did laps on TopRidge. They had been blowing snow on TopRidge for 3 days and there were huge mounds built up. The wind was blowing uphill and created these reverse cornices that were really cool to blast through. Was able to get air on the downhill side and then crank more turns through the glop. They were blowing lots of snow on Lies to try to get it open for the holiday weekend but still no rope drop today. It got tracked out by 11:00, but I had to leave by 11:30 to get to someplace with reliable cell coverage for a conference call anyway. It was funny - just like the "I hate Powder" thread. Lots of grumbling about the crappy conditions and "why didn't they groom this?". I just grinned and turned up the ipod. It was 27 at 8 am and was almost 40 by 11. A great end to a great week of skiing.

They opened a couple of the natural snow-only trails, but I didn't get to them as they are really low intermediate trails served by an ancient and slow lift. Looks like they will survive the holiday weekend as it's supposed to start getting colder tonight and will be downright frigid on Sunday. The groomers will set the snow tonight and then it may turn into a tilted hockey rink by Sunday but the base will be there for the rest of the winter.
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Lies is open now which is great and I'm hitting Gore tomorrow; I think they have the guns on Rumor also but they prob won't open it until after MLF.
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