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Dear "boot people", boot people ... I like that,

It seems to me the design of the Dalbello boots, (specifically the Krypton and Cross) ie. having that lower hinge is different than the "general" design of "other" brand name Boots. Is this true?
It seems, from many threads I have read, this design helps to alleviate lower leg pain because possibly the lower leg (mostly shin) is "differently" supported than with other boots - I suspect by the lower hinge mechanism. Is this true?
Other Dalbello questions:
Could you please point out any advantages vs dis-advantages of this boot as compared .... to others?
Could you address any advantages vs dis-advantages of a skier with a tendency of sitting in the back seat off the off-piste steep and deep stuff - will this boot make any difference, will it have a tendency to magnify back seat skiers as described above, or help, or neutral? Thank you