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Janica Rocks!!!

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I love her!!! she always has a smile on her face and seems to have a lot of fun. In the Giant Slalom she was even smiling as she raced and won the 1st heat!!! I hear she learned to ski and had to practice during the Balkins war. Amazing!!!

She sort of reminds me of the Hermanator in that they both seem to edge more than everybody else. Heirmann seems to just lay out almost parallel to the ground while she seems to hang her Butt out. either way they both get their weight low and the skis way on edge. Don't know if Herm has fun but Janica sure does whcih is probably why she wins so much.
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I have to agree with you. She's very happy and cute all the time. Makes me feel good too see her win.

Did you hear about how her parents used to sneak out of the city during the war and hide in caves in the hills so that kids could practice their skiing? WOW!!

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Her Croatian fans are pretty rockin' too. We stood pretty much in the middle of a pack of them during the slalom and they were having the time of their lives! I'm sure that when things are so bad (Balkans War) it makes the good times like this sooo much better than I could ever imagine.
I know that the GS isn't Janica's strong point, but she is so "in the zone" that I'd bet if you put her in the X-games or a freeskiing comp she'd probably kick butt there too!
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Looks like Janica just smiled her way to another gold! I wonder if growing up during wartime has given her a broader prospective that enables her to handle the pressure better. Even Olympic pressure pales to wartime pressure. And having seen some of the worst of life, it must be easy to smile at some of the best. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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