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k2 seth and PE

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Has anyone skied both of these?
I'm very happy with my PEs but I am looking for something similar but wider.
Would the Seth be similar in feel and performance to the PE?
Or would an older Gotama be closer?
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The SV's do not ski like the PE's. The SV's are quite a bit softer flexing. If you want something similar but wider, then maybe the goats?
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Yup, Gotamas. Or Districts.
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disagree about the seths being softer. the 189s are not softer and are quite a bit stiffer than the 179s I tried.

FYI I have 05-06 'green' seths, 05-06 PEs and 06-07 Pes. and have owned 183cm Gotama and skied 190s. and also have skied a couple days on the district.

Stiffest to softest would be like this
189cm Seth
190cm gotama(alot shorter than the the seth as well)
183cm Gotama
179cm Seth same lenght as the 183 gotama
187cm BlueHouse District

In 'feel" I would say that the seth is the closest to the PE, then actually despite its softness the bluehouse district next. the gotama is better ski in powder and tight turns in soft snow, and still stable and predictable everywhere else, but it doesnt feel like a PE IMO.

If you went with any of those 3 I think you would be a happy camper, just because its alot better in tighter turns on groomers and in bumps though I would go 179cm Seth if I was on the east coast.
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I once heard someone say the MadenAK was basically a wider PE, but im almost certain this is wrong. Bushwacker?

I wanted the same thing when i get skiks, i went with Seths, they have a softer tail, but a stiffer front. They also make longer turns. Im on the Red top ones
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The Made'n Aks are really soft, much softer than either than the Pe or Seth. Not a bad powder ski though
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Just moved from a 159 PE to a 169 Seth and have been very pleased. The Seths are without a doubt softer, but I think they have more stability at speed and through crud (possibly due to the extra length though). They are much better in pow and can hold their own on groomers. Truly an awesome ski.
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I detest my seths , I am now a mantra convert , i detest my seths so much I think ill burn them when i get home
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I'll give them a good home if you hate them that much.
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sold my sv's after skiing the gotamas.
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I have both 179 PE's and 183 Gotama's...The PE's ski nothing like the Goats.

Goats float/ski incredibly on soft/deep and are versatile, but have a vague feeling, with little tail strength, skiing anything else...They handle crud/chop decently, but there's lots of other skis that are far superior in these conditions.

In the right conditions, my favorite ski, but as an everyday ski I'd have to change the way I like to ski, or mount them more forward which would hurt soft/deep performance, to make them work for all conditions.

The PE's totally rail groomers and handle crud/chop better than the Goats and can handle light to moderate soft/deep better than they should.

The point is, if you are looking for something similiar feeling to your PE's, Goats aren't it!
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Originally Posted by Scottish Rockhopper View Post
I detest my seths , I am now a mantra convert , i detest my seths so much I think ill burn them when i get home
And what exactly do you hate about the Seths?
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Thanks for all of the input. I just got back from skiing SLC last week and I took the PEs and a pair of older Gotamas that I picked up. Very happy with the choice. I only used the PEs at Deer Valley but skied the Goats the next 4 days. Truly a fun ski for the conditions - floated in the powder, but still carved on the grooomers. I thought the wider waist would be awkward, but I was able to toss them around just fine. Probably will never use them in the East, but they made the trip much more fun than it would have been with a narrower ski. Thanks again.
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190 Goats????

I was at Big Sky last weekend and since one of the local shops f'd up the bindings on my Fishcer Atuas I had to demo (which wasn't bad) and tried last years Goats (183's, they didnt have the 190's). I liked them a lot, but could definitely feel they were a little short. I took the Seth Viscious' (190's, think last years) out the next day and felt they were heavy, slow and a little awkward. It has been a while since I skied on 190's so couldnt tell if it was the ski or the length, but I was on the Stockli TT's (188's) the day before and loved them.

My issue is I dont know if I will be able to fix my Atuas and may need to get something new. I am 6'3" 240 level 8, and ski VT for the most part with 1-2 trips out west each year. The Atua's (186, 96 underfoot) were great for my east coast ski and dont have a problem going with something wide, but if the 190 Goats ski similar to the 190 Seth's it won't work.

What do you guys think?
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