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Bought New Skis

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Hello everyone! I am new here but have been reading your posts for awhile. I have to say I have enjoyed reading the posts. There is a lot of information here and I quickly realized how little I really know about skiing.

I thought I would say a few words as I just bought a new pair of skis last week. Previously I had a pair of Dynamic 207 that I had been skiing on since my college days (20 years). I enjoyed using them but not in all situations so I found myself losing a little interest in skiing parts of the mountain. I realize now it was a lot of work skiing with those planks.

A little about me: I am 6’2” and 205 lbs. I ski a level 8 or 9. I grew up skiing in California. I have lived in Colorado now for about 13 years and ski here at Monarch which I enjoy a lot. Lately I have been skiing with my daughters who are 9, 6, and 4. So I pretty much stay slow. I still like to hit the other parts of the hill when I get the chance. I always though my skis were fine and I didn’t need new ones. Guess I was wrong.

This year the guys at my local ski shop convinced me (a lot of razzing over the years) to join the 21st century and get new skis. So I began demoing new skis. This was a real eye opener. I had never tried the new technology so was amazed when he handed me a pair of 174 K2 recons. Aren't these a little short? I asked. He said try them. I did and found them to be real enjoyable. So for the next several weekends I would swing by the shop on my way up the hill and he would give me something else to try. I eventually decided on a pair of 178 Dynastar Mythic Riders. I really enjoyed skiing with the demos and now I can't wait to get them. They should be here by tomorrow.

There have been several stories about which ski to buy and some frustrations were mentioned. Based on my experience with purchasing new skis I would have the following recommendations.
1. Talk to your local ski store whatever it may be. They will give you a lot of information. Some good some bad.
2. Get on the internet and look for reviews of the skis they showed you and try to learn the terminology. This is how I found this forum. There are many experts here which will give you some very good information.
3. Try out some skis. This was the best part for me. I got to try several different skis. I didn’t try every brand and every ski though. I think this will just make this experience frustrating and confusing because there are a lot of different skis out there. I limited my choices to what my local (small) shop had. Since I intended and did purchase the skis from them.
4. Buy the ski you liked and go ski. You could spend years trying all the skis and always find something different.

Did I get the best ski?

I don’t know. There may be other skis out there that are better but I sure enjoy riding the Mythic. I think the ski will do whatever I need it to and I am really excited to get out with it more.

One of the things, beside skiing, I enjoyed the most was talking to the guys at my local ski shop and reading what you all had to say. It has been a real learning experience and a pleasure.

So thank you all for your advice and help.
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You picked a good allround ski. Enjoy!
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Be sure to give a more detailed review of how you like them! Good choice.
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Howdy tripleA.
Your post had me smiling and chuckling softly to myself. The sheer volume of products available can be bewildering, and as someone who is "sort of" looking for a new pair of skis, I can well understand your recent dilemma, pleasant though it was. Your attitude, advice, and feedback was delightful, and I'm glad that you are enjoying your new ride. You've obviously been around the block a few times and have made a sound, well considered choice.

Is it possible that you could find a pair of skis that you like better than the Mythic Riders? Sure. Then again, you're a skier. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson's character in the film The Departed, "To quote the late, great John Lennon, I'm a f***** artist. Gimme a tuba and I'll get you something out of it."

Enjoy the new ride, and I trust that you and your family get to share many happy days in the mountains.
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