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Originally Posted by Racer256 View Post
TMas, I disagree. I think a accomplished beer league skier can benefit enormously from an equipment change especially going from an all Mt type ski to race bred gear. I grant you, the avg rec racer will not benefit that much from the hottest race ski avail OTC, but the more accomplished racers I know are all on late model FIS legal race gear. I have seen the wind blow from Rossis to Vokle P50s to Atomic GS11s and 12s and now Fischer WC GS is the "hot" league ski. Starting to see some Race Tigers too. I have seen my own team mates make some really large strides via some equipment upgrades. I had a good breakthrough myself going from Blizzard Ti GS skis to Fischer WCs. (Anybody want to buy some nice 176cm Buzzards with Marker Pivot race bindings?)

One of my prouder accomplishments is getting my very gung-ho 50 year old team mate scoring consistent platinums. In 3 years of patient instruction and development, this guy went from S+s to Gs and this year to Ps. What made the diff? Practice #1. Spankin New Race Tigers. #2

Point is, I think any of the top 100 Racers (of about 500) in my league could easily appreciate and benefit from being on a "race" ski versus even the hottest "well tuned" supercross or whatever. Granted not too many racers (maybe the recent college racer grads) are on actual "race stock" gear. RS can even be detrimental to some racers development. The extra stiffness and FIS legal sidecuts are not 100% ideal for some league racers who could do with more flex and cut.

BUT 99% of everybody on the radar are on OTC Race skis or race stock.

Anyhoo...I disagree. Think a "hot" ski makes a big diff for many semi serious rec racers which would include anyone who has the gumption to participate in masters events.

So make sure all you bronze medalers cough up the dough and buy the latest thing with nuclear titanium liquid metal cores and pizo electric carbon fiber kryptonite matrix top sheets with non nutritive cereal varnish impregnated bases and acme rockets mounted on tails.

You will move up to a silver at least!
I totally agree that a working race ski will make a difference (if they can use it) I am saying though that everything aside an average masters/beer leager could not tell the difference between rockets and normal skis, I would even add in that most people (absolutely regardless of what they believe) could make out the difference of 2 identical skis tuned on a different setup.

PS: because Head is winning doesn't mean its the best ski. Maybe its the best ski for Bode, Didier, Hermann, Marco and the type but I'm thinking its more the techies that make them go schnell
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Photos of my Super G's

CanuckInstructor asked for them. Here they are.

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Nice, I think I could use a set of those cruise missiles....I almost bought a set of last year's model.....ya never know when you might need to go Mach.
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Nice skis, sick photos. Well done Bob.
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You didn't write "Klammer" on them?
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Very hot, wish I had a hill with enough vert to make a pair worthwhile.
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