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Hey - I recently joined the site and I think lots of great content.

A little about me, 40 years old, 6'2" 200 - 205. I am probably a level 7-8 skier. Recovering adrenaline junkie (okay I do not fight the addiction too hard - but my kayak is my main source of adrenaline). Currently I ski 20-30 times a year. I am working on having good modern technique through clinics with other instructors. I primarily ski in N Idaho, NE WA and Western MT. I volunteer as an instructor and Lookout Mtn's Free Ski School. I teach mostly 6-8 year never ever's and 6-8 year intermediates (read lots of slow skiing). When I am on my own I like to ski the whole hill pretty equally. My wife is a solid blue skier and I ski a few runs a day with her. We have 2 boys (6 & 9). Most of the time I am on black runs or in the tress I am with my 9 year old, since that is pretty much the only place he skis. The 6 year old is headed there soon. I also enjoy a good speed run but I do not think I get much above 30, I think I have a hard time judging accurately. I used to tele and back country ski some but I do not see AT in my near future.

So I want a ski that does it all since at this time I only want to afford 1 pair of ski's. So is there a ski you think I should try?

There are 2 ski reps that work at Lookout (where I volunteer) that often have skis to try. They represent Atomic & Dynastar. So I do have some chances to try those brands. A few weeks ago I skied a pair of Atomic M11's in 164. I was not too impressed but I think they were too short for me.

Thanks in advance,

BTW - Ooh yeah - I want to keep this purchase under 400 if possible but I would go up a little more if it was the right deal.

I found a new pair of Fischer AMC 76's at a local shop for $400 and they have piqued my interest and I am looking for a pair to try and I was thinking of 176's.

I also was looking at

I am very open to buying used or demo's.

I also have some opportunity to buy through the reps I know but I am not sure if anything is left for those kind of deals.