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My Nordica top fuel nitrous skies are great. Im not a Marker "hater" thay have worked well no pre-releas problems. but the XSB N30 11 bindings don't hold up. I am a level 7-8 skier 5' 11" 210 pounds, I ski 30 to 40 days a year in the north east Vt, Nh, Me. the skies are great but they have developed a ton of slop between the binding and the traveler / car, the traveler / car to rail has less slop. but the binding is so sloppy after app 100 days of use that there on the shelf until I can fix or replace the binding. with the boot in and ski on the bench and one hand on the ski the other on the boot top, the boot top can be moved side to side 1' left 1'right
Anybody have any experience with replacing, repairing or upgrading this binding system? or know where i can get a schematic or service info. It looks like i can remove the hole systom and mount somthing ells but if i can fix them i will.
thanks for the help sam.