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Should I go?

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OK, brothers and sisters, here's the deal: My boss just called me to say that they need someone to go out to Colorado, just outside of Denver, for 3 weeks in November, just before Thanksgiving. I have never skied anywhere outside of the northeast, I live in Vermont and I am a volunteer patroller at Smuggler's Notch, ski every weekend there, sometimes Jay, Sugarbush. So, my questions are as follows:

Is there skiing in Colorado in November? Is it good? Can a broken-down, elderly volly patroller get a break on a pass at any of the places? Which places are near Denver? Which are the best?

Should I go? Should I bail my 14-year-old snowboarder out of school and take him with me?
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Mr. PotatoeHead,

Not a local but yes, yes and yes.

Just my .02

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I'd be packin'. They'll be skiing at Loveland by late Oct., if not before. As for the kid, I'd take him too. I'd just bribe him for plenty of chores between now and when you leave. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Does this help?

Loveland Basin TODAY

I can't believe that you are actually even thinking about it!

GO, GO, GO!!!!
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Mr Potato Head,

November can be a good month for skiing not far from Denver. Good bets for early season skiing include Loveland, which is on I-70 just east of the Eisenhower tunnel, and Keystone, not far from the west side of the tunnel. Loveland is probably about a 1 hour drive from downtown Denver if traffic is not heavy, Keystone maybe 20 minutes farther. A-Basin, which is about the same distance now has snowmaking and will probably join the competition between Loveland and Keystone to be the first to open, usually in mid October. Another good early season area is Copper Mountain, about 20 minutes west of Loveland. That time of year most of the open terrain will be green and blue groomers with snowmaking, but if there have been some good dumps you might be able to ski some ungroomed.

Keep us posted on your plans. Some of the local bears may be out and about when you are here.

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Definitely good skiing by November. If it's not *great*, it will be far better than anything we have in the East, even in New England (barring any monster dumps of course).

Take a letter from the head of your patrol on the mtn's letterhead. It should get you free or discounted tickets at just about any mountain. It works for PSIA instructors, why not patrolers?
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Check out www.skiloveland.com You could buy a pass online, or you could buy a few 4-packs. Even the Loveland card is worth the $29.00 . Kid ski cheap @ loveland under $20 before x-mas. For more info on other Colorado ski areas check out www.coloradoski.com If you make it out I am sure a day on the hill will beat a day at the office. Hope you & your son make it out!

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