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Choosing 1 pair of skis for Southeast

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Hey guys, I know you get a ton of "which skis" threads, but I'm hoping you can give me a few words of wisdom.

I'm looking for some general advice on what I should be looking for, though if you have specific recommendations, I'd be happy to hear them.

I grew up in Oregon and skied a lot in my teens and early 20's. I'm 36 now, moved to North Carolina last year, and haven't skied at all for 2 or 3 years and haven't gone more than twice a season for probably 10 years. I'd like to get back into it so I'm thinking about replacing my 10 yr old Dynastars with the new technology.

I have no idea what the conditions in N.C. are like, I just know it's not like the west coast. I'll only be buying one pair of skis, so I'm looking for something versatile, but well-suited for southeastern conditions. I would eventually like to start taking some ski trips to other parts of the country, but 90% of my skiing will be done in North Carolina or West Virginia.

I know nothing about shaped skis, so any advice about what I should be looking for would be great. Narrow waist, fat waist, etc.

Oh yeah, I'm a bigger guy. 5'10, 230.
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Welcome Mill4023;

I'm also becomming aquainted with NC skiing this year, been on a daddy track since moving here.
Here's where to ski:


The conditions seem to be mostly man made snow, lots of hard pack, and ice sometimes--- ideally with a few inches of fresh new natural on top. Most of the more steep runs are shorter than what you have seen out West, but there are some fun longer runs, just nothing brutally difficult top to bottom. I'd recommend a bump ski or slalom ski, maybe a GS if you're more leisurely than attacking. Just don't waste a lot of cash on powder skis becase you probably won't see a lot of deep stuff out here.

DKN is also a NC skier that grew up skiing elsewhere. He has been doing it around here a lot longer, nice guy! He'll probably loop with you also sharing more local wisdom.

Sunday will probably be the best day of the year so far!
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Any other advice?
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The most obvious suggestion is to demo some skis if you can. Since the conditions you will see are pretty much like what I see in the Poconos of PA on a typical weekend, check the magazine tests for what they call "frontside" skis and see what describes the type of attributes you like in the way a ski feels and performs. If you read a few test reports, you probably find something you'll like. Lots of very good skis out there these days.
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