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Mitten recommendation?

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I've got a pair of the top Marmot Alpine Ski gloves and they work fine for me as long as the temperature doesn't get below the mid teens. However, we've been seeing a lot of single digits lately, so it seems like mittens might be a good investment. Does anybody have any recommendations on a super warm mitten?


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Used Swany Toasters, then Swany SX23s, for several years. Both good down to about 10 degrees. Just got some Black Diamond Mercury Mitts. Noticeably warmer (good down to about minus 15). The sizes run very large. I usually wear men's medium or large. The ones that fit were women's medium. Comfortable with ski poles. Not too bulky.
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Wells Lamont shearling lined leather choppers with wool inner liners - can't be beat!! Lasts forever, warm as hell, and less than $40. Go to your local Fleet & Farm store. Thank me later.
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Anyone tried the Hestras?

I'm also looking for mittens for the kids... with very long gaiters. Ideas?
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
I'm also looking for mittens for the kids... with very long gaiters. Ideas?
I ordered some from Spyder that have worked out well and are very warm.
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The girl and I have Hestra Heli Mitts. My hands are fairly cold all the time (ie, i rarely ski with gloves ever.) They are ovens for my hand. My gf has terribly cold hands and they're the best so far, but needs to ball her hands up to keep 'em warm sometimes
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SSH: Try the Black Diamonds if you can find them in a kid's size. Gaiters go halfway to the elbow!
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I'd go with the Marmot Expedition Mitten - toasty!
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powder pipelines.

a warm, durable mitt, most CND heli ski operators sell them, not beacuse they look nice, but warm/durable
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I find it almost impossible to ski in mittens for some odd reason! Just feels weird to me.
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Check out a snowboard shop. There is a larger mitten selection to be found there (at least there was a couple of years ago).
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