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Summer camp for kid.

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So, my 11 years old boy (will be 12 this summer) is in a bilingual school in France, in the french equivalent of 7th grade. Though not perfectly bilingual his english is good enough. Smart and athletic kid, looks older than he really is.
For this summer I'm looking for a summer camp in an english speaking country, could be the UK, the US or further.
Outdoorsy, adventure, athletic vibes welcome.

Any good program / organization that some of you may have experience with ?
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I really liked this one when I was his age.

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This is another great Colorado Camp in Estes Park. My kids love it, I was a camper there in the 70's and my Dad in the 40's. They have a very loyal following.

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My daughter has gone to Camp Trinity at the Bar 717 Ranch near Mt. Shasta for the past two years. She loves it so much that she's bumping up to a full month this coming year. Outdoorsy but not sports -- hiking, swimming, horses, crafts, etc. If we have a decent spring and you come out with him, bring skis and skins and hit Shasta.

I went to a similar camp in New England as a kid -- Wildwood. 25 years later, I still remember it fondly.
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