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PA...How long until we're making turns?

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After a seemingly cold and rainy summer, it appears October weather hit us very early in September here in Western PA. The last 2 weeks have brought very chilly mornings (40's or below).

This morning we had 38 on the thermometer. I went up to 7 Springs yesterday and froze my ass off in a long sleeve shirt and a fleece vest! I'm not sure what the temp was up there around 1 PM, but my hands were numb [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] If they haven't seen frost yet, I'm sure it's coming this week. Pittsburgh is calling for 39 tonight and we've had those temps here at the foothills for 2 weeks. If pittsburgh is 39, we'll be pushing the freezing mark and 7S surely has to dip below it.

Here's to hoping Wagner has some snow to start clinicing/try outs in the next 6 weeks! I don't think mid November is out of the question this year.
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I hope you're right. I'm hoping the same is true for Wisconson!
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Originally posted by IL_Skier:
I hope you're right. I'm hoping the same is true for Wisconson!
Well, looks like first frost may be tomorrow morning and...AND, they are calling for snow up at 7S Thursday night!!

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] : [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I spoke to Bret at the Basin Ski shop at Killington this afternoon and he said that K-Mart was going to fire up their guns this week if temps dip as forcast.

I hoping for October turns again.....

and with any luck Liberty and Whitetail will be open before Christmas.


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The earliest I skied 7S was Nov. 13 on Wagner sometime in the '80's. I think they said open from that date on. Let's hope this year brings the same. TM are you teaching at 7S this year. Maybe I'll join the staff if Laurel doesn't open, if they'll have me.
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Yes, the plan is for my wife and I both to return as part timers. I called Rick Boxler a few weeks ago and told him we had taught there 92 and 93 then 2 years at Loveland after that and wanted to return. There's a ski school meeting November 2nd at the Festival Hall 1PM for new hires and returning instructors.

When we tried out in 92 as new hires, we did it the week before Thanksgiving, so that was somewhere around the 16th-20th depending when T-Day was that year. I'd like to see it happen again, even though it rained the entire clinic, lol.
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I could handle some Oct turns at Killy. I'll be keeping my eye on the reports as well as US Airways e-Savers into Albany (usually $89) for some early season cheap turns.
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I saw snow flakes in the air yesterday during the j.v. football game, along with the most beautiful, colorful complete rainbow that i have ever seen.

Snow is predicted for the high elevations of Western N.Y. either tonight or tomorrow night, maybe both. I have seen snow on the slopes of H.V. for Octoberfest but not skiable until the week of Thanksgiving.

I'll get my first turns in Colorado in a few weeks. As for here, I'd like to see some nice weather till Hunting season as I need to get a house foundation into the ground next week.

The older I get, the less of a hurry i'm in for things to come. Seems like they come and go quick enough as it is.
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There's actually been rumblings of the possibility of us seeing some flakes here Thursday morning and even into the Pittsburgh area. I'll be up bright and early to see

The season is undoubtedly going to be earlier this year, it's too cold too early not to happen.
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Though a lot of the weather here is because of a Cold Front that could move out at anytime. Though hopefully by the time it moves out the weather will still be this low even without it. Here in Cincinnati it is 15 degrees below normal. Hopefully PNS will open up in late November then!
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Yeah, but that "cold front" has basically been over us the majority of the summer. I think we had 9 hot days in a row this summer here, other than that is was mid 70's to 82-83 at best and raining all summer. Very abnormal for July and August. Late August was very cool and September was basicaly chilly...now it's cold. Winter is right around the corner, I think we can rule out any "Indian Summer" happening this year.
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About a week and a half ago, Mt. Hood got a couple inches of snow and I think they got a bit in the hills above Seattle. Granted it was gone the next morning, but snow in September is awlays nice

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Fingers crossed for 10/19 for me. Either K-ton or Tenney in NH.
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Well, it's been hovering around 70 for the entire week...my hopes of an early season are fading fast
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Great news! Although it was barely even measurable (ok, it wasn't even measurable) there was definitely snow on the ground on 7S's mountain cams this morning!

Imagine Crank Yankers Special Ed: "We got snow, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah"
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