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Metron B5 '07 buyer's last questions

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Hi guys, I have read a ton here about this ski, with ssh's review leading the lot, and had to drool uncontrollably, although I couldn't afford it. Now I found an offer for last season's B5 for the same money I was about to lay down for a M10. Is it a no-brainer? :-)

My problem is that the ebay guy won't want to mount the Neox 412 bindings for me, so I'll have to do it myself. How big of a difficulty is it? I have mounted only a few bindings on older, classic skis, and the prospect of drilling into my new B5 is not dear to me. So is there some base plate already mounted on the ski, or some technology to make this easier to do at home? (With a decent toolbox, of course.) Is there some risk I damage my ski?

Also, how is Metron B5 of last season? Is it "The Great B5 Everyone* Loves"? What has changed since then? I was unable to find any info on that particular year over here.

* Except Phil and a handful of others. :-)

This is the ski:
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Mounting Neox 412's

gwinnie, these are not hard to mount or adjust. I did mine on a pair of M11's, and have readjusted them several times, experimenting w/different mounting positions. Do a search on the 412's and you should be able to find detailed instructions. As I recall, setting forward pressure was also described.
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I did it a couple of times, which means anybody can do it. You have the plate with the pre drilled holes I just used a screw drive. Adjusting the track on the Neox for boot size is a litle bit of a pain. There was an excellent post a couple of years back regarding adjusting the Neox binding.
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OK. Thanks for that info, I am less worried now. :-)

Could someone provide some info on the 2006/2007 model, just to be sure it's the right ski? :-) It isn't significantly different from the other seasons, right?
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i don't believe there is any difference in this ski from the time it came out. just different colors. the 412 binding got lighter after the first year out.
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Be careful...

...the ski in your picture is not last year's B5, it is last year's poorly-named "B5 Premium", which is actually the M11:B5 with a yellow/gold topsheet instead of gray. If you seach on the forums for "B5 premium", you will find a post of mine from a couple months ago on this topic along with some discussion. Around that time a bought a pair of these with NEOX 4.12's (for $385), and had no problem mounting the bindings myself.
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Wow. Thanks for this info, I didn't know this! Damn, this ruined my day.
Tell me, does this ski have the Metron B5 integrated technology? Because that was clearly stated in the ebay listing, and that's what made me believe it was the real B5. So confusing... :-(
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Nope. B5 connected.
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Indeed. Well, I didn't pay for the goods yet, (it was a "But Now",) and don't intend to, as the description was wrong and misleading. Here's hoping ebay won't sanction me for that. That's what I get for trying to get my stuff cheap. :-)
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