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Rekindled Interest In The Sport - Seeking Advice

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This is my first post so hello to everyone.

First my stats:

22 Years Old -- 5'11" -- 165-170lbs

Secondly, a brief history:

I began skiing infrequently at the age of 6. By "infrequently" I mean 1 or 2 seven day trips a year during which I skied from the moment the lifts ran to the time they stopped.

I kept that up more or less until I was 14, and during that same time frame I also took up inline skating, and was eventually sponsored. I skated nearly everyday but didn't have the money or means to ski as regularly as I would have loved to.

I feel, though, that the two sports go somewhat hand in hand. I think my experience on skates helped me excel very rapidly with my skiing. By 14 I could negotiate pretty much any trail, but then stopped skiing for reasons that are not relevant here.

This last Tuesday (Jan. 18) I went skiing for the first time in about 5 or 6 years and IMMEDIATELY realized that this is something I NEED back in my life.

Thirdly - Preferences:

I'm sure technology has changed quite a bit since I skied more regularly so I am looking to folks for some advice as to what ski best suits me. First let me just put out there that I have a very strong love of both the brands K2 and Rossignol, so if that would be taken into consideration I would appreciate it. Now to the more specifics... I like a little of everything, which is fair to say most people do, but I live in the NE so powder isn't much of a concern and in addiction to that I LOVE going fast. I do also enjoy my turns though, and my bumps. Also enjoy hitting up the terrain park for some hang time.

Basically what I am looking for is a ski that is very well rounded. I wouldn't expect it to be superb in all aspects, but I don't want to sink in powder or feel like I'm dragging a sled behind me with some teensy weensy super cut parabolics either. I want something that can do it all with a slight emphasis on speed.

I also want a ski that I can grow into (I realize this is a length issue to a degree) but something that won't hinder my progression. I expect to be back in form very quickly and rid of that rust, so please PLEASE, any suggestions would be most appreciated. Keep in mind I would prefer to own a pair of either K2s or Rossies.

If I have left out an crucial details please ask, as it has been a long time since I've been seriously into the sport.

As an ending note I have been checking out the K2 Apache Stryker, so any input on that particular model would also be very helpful. Thanks in advance, and may you have a wonderful, yardsale-less, season!
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Prajna, first off, welcome to EpicSki! You'll find a lot here!

Have you read the FAQ in this forum?

Also, do you have your own boots, yet? If not, that's really where you want to start!

You also don't have your location in your profile or in this post, so can you let us know where you ski, the kind of terrain you like, and where you see your skiing going over the next couple of years? How many ski days this year? How many next year?
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Thanks for the welcome.

1) I have not read the FAQ, but will do so now.

2) I am very much aware the boots are the most important component, and yes I do have a pair, which, in their day were not at all a bad boot. They're ugly as hell, and are called the Nordica Crystal V. I absolutely love them (or did anyway. Edit: Must place more emphasis on my love for these boots. Never had a pair that allowed for such precision control in addition to being extremely comfortable. Placed my feet/calves at just the right angle and at the end of the day not a bit of soreness. But again, any opinions are welcome.

3) My profile does in fact state that I am in New England. Specifically Connecticut, so I got a bit of a hike to get to the good mountains, but it sure as hell is worth it.

What sort of terrain I like? I like groomers, I like powder, I like off trail, I like terrain parks, I like moguls, I like quite a mix. If I misunderstood your question, please rephrase.

As for my future of skiing... I can't honestly give much of a schedule, BUT I would like to start making weekend bus trips up to Okemo, Mt.Snow, Sugarbush, Stowe, etc. And hopefully maintain that frequency for the foreseeable future. Even just solo day trips to little spots like Wachusett and all those small hills around here. Just anything to get out there on the slopes. The only problem is I have no skiing buddies. I'm trying to get some friends interested but most of my skiing is going to be solo for atleast the beginning.

Edit after reading FAQ:

I'm a male. I would say I was an 8 or 9 back in the day. I have a very high level of confidence that I will be back to that point very quickly. I like longer turns as opposed to tight ones. I love speed. But alas I must get some sleep. Thank you in advance for any help and please ask more questions if need be.
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