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"Mountain Report" TV show?

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Just caught a DVR'ed edition of the Mountain Report (focused on skiing Banff and Lake Louise). I tagged it because it fell under the "ski" search that I did (FiOS isn't smart like TiVO to figure out to record that stuff on its own).

Any insight on who produces the show, who determines what resorts they visit, any upcoming episodes, etc? It was OK, a little heavy on the talky-talky, but fun to watch. I decided that I definitely need to ski Norquay...)

I figured that maybe somehow someone from EpicSki might be tangentially related, but then I wondered how many people on EpicSki can even see it? How widely is the show shown?

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I watched many times last season, havent caught it this season though. I too have Fios, used to have TW RoadRunner, their menu and search system was vastly superior to any I have seen, but internet was slower.
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Can't help you any about the show, and I haven't seen it, but I can tell you that Norquay is by far the smallest hill out here. All the runs are cut runs, and there is no terrain above tree line. They do a very good job of grooming, if that's what you are looking for, but please don't think it's a big "western" resort. It skis and feels more like something in the Laurentians.
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