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Played with new toys today

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Got hold of some 99cm blades with old Pit Bull telemark bindings on them. I could not wait to get on them and give them a try.

First off I could not get both blades on standing up so I laid on my back and put the second one on. Suddenly, Pierre had an audience. Once I stood up and skated around a bit someone asked me what I thought. My comment was "I don't think you should try these if you want more kids". I must have had the biggest grin on my face though.

I went to the top of a green/blue groomer and started with some centerline wedge turns. I followed this with slips and pivot slips to find center. I followed this with some 360's in both directions and then some one footed skiing.

Comfortable that I had found center I did some arcs back up the hill as far as they would go, released and did an arc in switch in the opposite direction. I did that about three times until I hit a patch of soft snowgun snow. It was suddenly ass end over tea kettle, next to the lift of course. I decided that moving the CM diagonally backwards into the turn was not ideal on these contraptions.

I decided next to start with some carving and found them to be way fun at laying deep arcs. Witht the tele bindings they get a bit squirelly in the snow gun piles.

I followed this with some telemark carving. Wow, I have never carved arcs in telemark like I could carve today. Way cool. Ahah, lets try some tele switch. Backwards works out substantially better in switch. All total I was on the ground more than once during the day in switch.

I took a look at the terrain park but it just hurt looking at it so I passed. I decided instead to find some steeps. They are way cool in the steeps providing cool short radius tele carves. The bumps we had available were a blast as well.

All total I have to get me a pair of these with better bindings. I will start by looking for some cheap blades.
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Telemark on blades? OK now I thought I've seen it all. Pictures please!
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You think THAT is a wierd thing to attach Tele grippers to, Leel? How about a Mono ski? I've seen it on my home hill here. That guy rips though.
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