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I've seen a couple of pair on older Masters skiers. Not sure I'd want them for racing, since the strap might wander a bit and create friction at release. OTOH, my plugs leak like a sieve, even with tape, so hmmm. 

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Yeah, I was thinking as a pure training only thing...
Inspired by other products I put some aluminum foil cut to shape under the footbeds let's see if that makes any difference...

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The big issue usually is that the skier really tightens the boots for the run, and boot gloves interfere with getting to the buckles easily. If you're opening and closing the buckles for each run, it gets tedious. I personally use them, but when my daughter was racing, she felt they were too much trouble. And now that she's no longer racing, she's usually in the woods and stays plenty warm.
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Totally practical on a plug boot if you do NOT buckle and unbuckle your boots on each run, only when you go out and come in.


Totally impractical on ANY boot unless you only buckle and unbuckle when you go out and come back in.


I don't race but use them when it's below about 10F on Dobie 110 semi-plug boots.  Boot has nothing to do with it; it's buckling/unbuckling that's the issue.



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Yes, they work, even when your boots are already cold (although it's obviously better to not start out behind the curve).

Absolutely, take them off when you go inside for a break.

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I ran across the Boot Gloves while skiing in Deer Park last year in Jans Ski Shop. They kept my feet comfortable in -16 degrees and I am from Ft. Lauderdale. After me and my ski buddies tested them out for a few days, we all came to the conclusion that they will give you an extra 10 degrees or so of comfort. Definitely worthwhile on real cold days
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On boots that are close to the smallest fittable boot for a given Boot Glove size (say 24.5 for a size Medium) there is a tendency for the boot glove to pull away from the instep side of the boot and get snow packed up in there.   

The elastic stirrup is too far forward and doesn't prevent this.

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Better off just getting heaters.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

Better off just getting heaters.


Yeah, if you would rather spend 200 bucks instead of 30.

I've had both and find the gloves work just as well as heaters...for me anyway.  Of course, everyone is different, but it's a cheap 1st try.

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